Satellite Phone (S/F)

Satellite phones are phones that use satellites orbiting the earth to connect, instead of cell sites. This helps in international region, if say you are lost in an island filled with dinosaurs and you have no way of contacting the outside world. Since they are so useful, it is only natural they would be expensive, with most costing in the thousands, and calls can be priced $15 per minute. In Jurassic Park 3, Paul Kirby owned one, despite his not so high paying profession, or perhaps it belonged to Nash or Udesky. In the beginning of the film, Nash, who had the phone, was eaten by the Spinosaurus, thus taking the phone with him in his stomach. The ringtone of the phone reunited Alan Grant and Eric Kirby with the other survivors, and the Spinosaurus later on. Near the end, they hear the ringtone again, but this time in a pile of dung, in which they got a telemarketer. With the phone, Grant calls Ellie Sattler, and asks her to save them, as she does by getting the military to Sorna.

Another satellite phone was shown when Ian Malcolm called for Sarah Harding before the Stegosaurus stampede. It was also shown after Malcolm discovered Kelly was on the island, and tried to call for transport, but it wasn’t working. The most significance it had was it falling on the window Sarah was on, causing it to break through. That satellite phone was a different model from what the “Kirby Expedition” utilized.

The specific make of Eddie Carr’s satellite phone was a Mitsubishi ST-151 transportable satellite telephone. This satellite phone has a compact design which allows it to be taken anywhere it is needed. This feature makes the phone ideal for use by mining companies, petroleum operations, journalists, adventure travel outfitters and emergency response teams, among others. The transportable phone’s rechargable lead-acid battery provides you with one hour of talk time and eight hours of standby time, before recharging is necessary. The satellite phone in the film was provided by AMSC Skycell, Inc.