Sauria and Claw of Sauria (Board Game + Expansion)

Sauria is a tabletop board game released in 2022 and is themed around a dinosaur theme park that players must compete to escape from. The game provides a lot of playability, many different scenarios, and a wide menagerie of dinosaurs. Players can choose to explore the park as one of eight unique characters, each with abilities that will help them to escape the park and its erupting volcano!

Each player is tasked with completing their own endgame goal which aids them in earning the points needed to gain the highest score and escape Isla Sauria! Beware though, as players navigate the Island, they will have to evade a wide range of territorial and bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Each game takes place over 16 rounds, or 48 hours in the game, however players will find each game a thrilling race to the finish as the volcano erupts halfway!

The mighty Saurionyx!

“Claw of Sauria is the newest expansion” to Sauria which introduces new species as well as hybrid dinosaurs such as “Saurionyx”.  The expansion also introduces a new co-op mode as well as new characters, and is an exciting adventure not to be missed.

The following are links to Gameplay videos for Sauria and its Expansion:



The Original Kickstarter

Sauria was originally the result of a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign. Audiences responded to Sauria fast, as the game was fully funded in only three days, and ended up with over $48,000 pledged to the game. Millian Games aimed to create a survival game rather than a park builder as they wanted to create a different experience from other ‘dinosaur games’. The game was then fulfilled in 2022. The following is the link to the original Kickstarter Campaign page:

The mysterious Isla Sauria
The Claw of Sauria Expansion

The new expansion, Claw of Sauria, focuses on rebuilding Isla Sauria after the fall of the park in the first game. As the experts revisit the park, they discover a dark secret, the creation of the Hybrid Dinosaur, the Saurionyx! (Meaning: “Claw of Sauria”)  This hybrid has unknown abilities that manifest the more damage it takes, and has the ability to return stronger each time. The campaign for this expansion comes to an end on March 23rd, 2023. The following is the link to the Claw of Sauria Campaign page:

The Lore of Sauria

In the world of Sauria, a genetics company named Genitech purchased the island called Isla Sauria. On the island, they began their genetics research in manufacturing life, specifically prehistoric life. Their goal was to create the ultimate tourist attraction, a Dinosaur Theme Park. Before opening for the public, Genitech brought in experts for their opinion on the park. During their inspection, the Dinosaurs broke loose and the volcano began to erupt. In a chaotic twist of events you have to escape the lava, call for a helicopter or repair the boat, and try not to get eaten alive by the most vicious predators on the planet.

After the fall of the park, Isla Sauria is rebuilt! The experts are invited to the island once again, however, get discover that Isla Sauria is hiding a secret hybrid resident, the Saurioynx (Meaning: “The Claw of Sauria”)! This hybrid has unknown abilities that manifest the more damage it takes, and has the ability to return stronger each time.

The Team Behind Sauria

– Maximillian Dennis: Owner of Millian Games as well as the Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Social Media coordinator, and playtester for Sauria and Claw of Sauria

– Nadia Potapov: Dinosaur Artist

– Johnny Belmont: Box Artist

– Hersh Glueck: Owner of Herotime Manufacturing