Target may not supply the Spinosaurus in the US, Launch of the #SaveTheSpino Campaign!

There’s been some issues with the global distribution for action figures across the globe for a while now, but this issue is even more prominent when it comes to Mattel’s new Jurassic World Legacy Collection Spinosaurus. The fact is we have never had a decent Spinosaurus figure from Hasbro’s previous attempts. While the JP3 Animatronic Spinosaurus and JP3 Bendable Spinosaurus toys are popular among fans they really don’t hold a candle to the Mattel Extreme Chompin’ Spinosaurus which offers a lot more play ability. Unfortunately the Spinosaurus is in danger of being supplied here in the United States, but has been flourishing in the United Kingdom. A reversal of fortune as it were, but it still highlights an unfortunate problem with toy collecting and that’s poor global distribution. Target hasn’t indicated that they aren’t going to supply the Spinosaurus aside from the fact that Mattel insists it is an endangered species here for us.

The fact is this just won’t do as it stands. We need to make a concentrated effort to turn the tide on global distribution of the toys so all fans can get their favorite figures as well as even express their fandom. Collecting is one way of expressing fandom across the board and many people collect as a hobby. Unfortunately when one limits the market the only way to get a coveted item is to go to the secondary market or rather third-party sellers. The problem here is that a lot of the times it is insanely costly and causes a lot of problems for others by setting the bar too high for those unable to get it for an affordable price. A petition has been launched to push the Spinosaurus to be globally distributed and it is for everybody in the fandom. Please consider supporting this today and hopefully we can turn the tide on getting this figure distributed globally to the fans that want it! Once you have signed, post on the social media channel of your choice (Twitter or Facebook) with the hashtag #SaveTheSpino. Together we can all turn the tide on the problem with global distribution of this awesome item.

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