Scott Mitchell (S/F)

Scott Mitchell was the father of Gray and Zachary Mitchell, as well as the husband of Karen Mitchell, although they had been undergoing divorce proceedings. Mr. Mitchell had a rather dry sense of humor, remarking that his son wasn’t “going off to war” while Zack said Scotthis goodbyes to his girlfriend.

Scott, as well as his wife Karen, had been consulting an attorney to finalize his divorce, but had kept that secret from his sons, although Gray had already figured it out before being sent to Jurassic World. The couple had decided to send their children to Isla Nublar to be left under the care of their aunt, Claire Dearing, as they concluded their divorce proceedings. Mr. Mitchell had driven his family to the airport, and soon after Zack and Gray were out of earshot remarked: “so much for our last family breakfast”, prompting his soon-to-be-ex-wife to reply with disdain at his comment. After the events that transpired at Jurassic World during the kids’ stay there, Scott and Karen both flew out to Costa Rica to be reunited with they children.

Scott Mitchell was played by Andrew P. Buckley, Jr.