Simon Tunney (JN)

Eighteen-year-old leader of the insertion team that landed on Isla Sorna. After ejecting from their aircraft at night, he began filming in a digital camera, intending to make a documentary of Isla Sorna’s dinosaurs.  He convinced his younger brother Chris and his friends to come along, stating that it was to reveal the truth of the island, but in reality wanted to have fame and fortune for himself.

With Biggs operating the camera, they first encountered an Edmontosaurus and took cover in the trees.  When another one appeared, an attack was not seen but heard and it was assumed to be due to Velociraptor.  They later found a group of Compsognathus and, against his advice, Matt lit a thousand-watt lamp for more light.  While first entranced, the dinosaurs then attacked the group.  They eventually escaped the dinosaurs with minor injuries.

Later, Simon and his crew found a herd of sleeping Triceratops.  Taking a chance, he went closer but caused the dinosaurs to panic.  Almost getting gored, he was saved when Eric Kirby mimicked a Raptor call.  Blaming Eric for the incident he asked several baited questions, knowing they were still being filmed by Biggs.  Their job unfinished, they left Eric in search of the larger dinosaurs.

After stealing a Hummer when Alan Grant and company came to the rescue, he ended up crashing the vehicle and found a Carnotaurus outside.  They were mistaken to think the dinosaur’s vision was based on movement and were stuck when it began attacking.  He and his group managed to get out of the vehicle when the dinosaur was struck by a tranquilizer dart and a blast from a sonic rifle.

Faced by Grant, who found Simon’s age to be eighteen, he was said to be put on trial as an adult for kidnapping, child endangerment and trespassing, among other charges.  When the Carnotaurus returned with backup, he followed Eric and Deborah Holland into a fissure.  When Chris was wounded, he grabbed the camera bag instead of his brother in the decision that there had to be at least one heroic sacrifice and he would buy a memorial and write a song about his brother.  He was disappointed when he discovered that Biggs had gotten his betrayal filmed.

Immediately upon stepping into one of the rescue helicopters, he had handcuffs placed on him and began cursing the security officers.