Spinoceratops (S/F-JWCC)

The two known pecimens, Angel and Rebel

Spinoceratops is a genus of hybrid dinosaur bred by Mantah Corporation in early 2016. It was engineered by adding genes from the theropod Spinosaurus into the genome of the ceratopsian Sinoceratops. It is omnivorous and is engineered for polar tundra environments, having light-colored skin and unusually high internal body temperature.


The two known specimens of Spinoceratops were bred in early 2016 via DNA illegally obtained by Sammy Guitierrez. The animals were kept in the Med-Bay portion of the Research facility on Mantah Corp Island. They would remain there until freed by Yasmin Fadoula, Sammy, Ben Pincus, Kenji Kon and Brooklynn. Once freed, the animals accidently smash a fuse box while playing, unintentionally freeing a Ceratosaur.As the animal charges, the animals barely manage to evade it along with the group, one animal ending up in the snow biome, and the other in the forest biome.

Later, in the forest biome, a Spinoceratops plays with the baby Brachiosaurus. In the snow biome, Kenji and Brooklynn bond with a baby spinoceratops, before they decide to head back into the underground tunnel. The two Spinoceratops are eventually reunited at the cave. A Spinoceratops infant is later used as a bait to lure Kash away into a trap devised by the campers.

The campers decide to determine which Biome suits the animals best, as they are ill acclimated to the forest biome. They attempt to take the Spinoceratops to the Desert biome, but are quickly chased away by an attacking Spinosaurus. They are eventually taken to the snow biome, where it is determined that they are most comfortable.