Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Encounter – Isla Sorna (S/F)

jurassic_park_3_12The encounter and death battle between these two carnivores occurred in a sparse area of forest a short distance from the plane crash site and the Airfield. After Dr. Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, Udesky, and Paul and Amanda Kirby ran away from the Spinosaurus after it killed Nash and Cooper and destroyed the plane, the group continued going through the island. After a while, they came across a dead Parasaurolophus carcass, which Grant says, “It’s okay, it’s dead.”. After this remark, a sub-adult male Tyrannosaurus rex rexchaseemerged and stared at the group. Unmoving, Dr. Grant tells the group to not move a muscle. The T. rex roared at the group, causing them to run away, with Dr. Grant trailing behind and the Tyrannosaurus chasing them. The T. rex chased them into the clearing where the Spinosaurus, having finally caught up, was waiting. The group managed to find a safe place to hide, but Dr. Grant fell and found himself stuck in a ditch between two fallen logs.

RexBellow1The Spinosaurus roared at the Tyrannosaurus aggressively, while the Tyrannosaurus gave a loud bellow in return. The T. rex almost crushed Dr. Grant under his foot, but the logs combined with the ditch held strong enough, and saved Dr. Grant from being crushed. At first, the male Tyrannosaurus had the upper hand of the fight, able to grab onto the Spinosaurus‘ neck and bite deep into it and shove it to the forest floor. After regaining it’s focus, the Spinosaurus freed itself from the T. rex‘ jaws, after knocking down a tree which nearly crushed Amanda and Paul Kirby.

RexSlapped2The Spinosaurus roared and snapped at the Tyrannosaurus which was backing up, roaring back. The two predators bit and snapped at each others flanks, and the Tyrannosaurus managed to charge at the Spinosaurus, pushing it forward. The Spinosaurus recovered quickly from the blow, and managed to out-maneuver the Tyrannosaurus and bite deep into his neck. Bellowing in pain, JP3SpinoRexDefeatthe T. rex groaned out in agony as the Spinosaurus gripped his neck with it’s arms and snapped the sub-adults’ neck, killing him instantly. As Dr. Grant managed to escape, he was almost crushed again as the freshly-killed Tyrannosaurus body tumbled to the ground, and the Spinosaurus placed it’s claws on the belly and watches as the group manages to flee, giving out a deafening roar.