Temporary Base Camp – Isla Sorna (S/F)

Located not far from the abandoned Worker’s Village on Isla Sorna, this final encampment was to be the last stop before the breech for the Village. Based in a rocky jungle clearing, the camp was littered with rotting logs and puddles of water. With only a few of their tents left, most hunters were left to sleep on the bare ground. One of the few tents was given to the girls of the group: Sarah Harding and Kelly Curtis. However, Sarah’s negligence on her own part doomed them all. The parent Tyrannosaurus, led to the site by the scent of the still damp blood of their infant on Sarah’s shirt, stormed into the camp, and the female of the pair chased the survivors into a ravine while the male stayed behind to pick at the camp. It was here that Roland, who had been unable to shoot the Tyrannosaurus thus far, was able to inject the Tyrannosaurus buck with two darts of powerful tranquilizer. Bringing him down, Roland Tembo was denied his dead trophy by Ludlow Tumblr_m2tsp9XmeN1qgz9vio3_1280_(1)who came across the sight and chose to bring the Tyrannosaurus and his infant to be in the San Diego Park. The site then becomes a temporary base camp after more InGen employees arrived with the rescue airlift. From here, the Buck was placed into containment equipment and Ludlow captured the Trex infant from the nest. These decisions ultimately led to the San Diego Incident and the resulting reveal of InGen’s dinosaurs to the world.