The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Playstation, SEGA Saturn)

Developer: DreamWorks Interactive
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Sega of America (For SEGA Saturn)
Distributor: GTI, SVG, Electro Source
Origin: United States
October 7, 1997 (SEGA Saturn)
November 17, 1997 (Playstation)
December 31, 1997 (Playstation Special Edition version)
Genre: Action, Adventure
Type: 3D Side-Scrolling
Platform: PlayStation/SEGA Saturn
Control Elements: Joystick, Gamepad
ESRB Rating: Teen, for Animated Violence, Animated Blood, and Animated Gore.

Synopsis: The Lost World brings the player to Isla Sorna in a side scroller, not unlike the Sega Jurassic Park games made by Blue Sky. However, rather than playing as Grant or a Velociraptor on five levels, players go through 30 levels, moving up the food chain, from the dainty compsognathus, to the savage Velociraptor, to the mighty T. Rex.

Playable Characters: Compsognathus, Human Hunter (Modeled after The Lost World: Jurassic Park Dieter Stark toy released by Kenner), Velociraptor, T. Rex, Human Prey, Sarah Harding

Unplayable: Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Barinasuchus, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, Carnotaurus, Deinonychus, Dimorphodon, Leptoceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Orodromeus, Staurikosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops

Changes from Beta:
The Lost World experienced a few changes during beta versions, likely, but the most changes that are visible are with the animals themselves.

Barinasuchus – While Barinasuchus appears in the final game as an enemy for the Compy, the hunter introduction video suggests to ‘Be on the look out for Barinasuchus…’ implying that they were cut from facing the hunter.

Brachiosaurus – Brachiosaurus is in the final game, however the model of it that shows up on the ‘Aisle of Giants’ slide is different from the one used in the game, in that it has a full body. The animals on the level do not have their bodies modeled or drawn.

Dimetrodon – Dimetrodon was modeled and textured like the Parasaurolophus. It, too, is absent from any levels.

Giganotosaurus – Giganotosaurus likely never made it past the art sketch in the gallery section. There is no trace of its textures in any levels.

Parasaurolophus – Parasaurolophus was apparently modeled and planned for the game. It appears in one of the gallery slide shows, but the textures or sounds can not be found on the disc, so the only trace we have of this animal is the slide.

Staurikosaurus – The Staurikosaurus received a change from beta to final as can be seen in the concept gallery, which shows the Staurikosaurus original yellow and black scheme.

Information: The Lost World is a nice side scrolling game. You play the game with 5 different characters: Compy, Hunter, Raptor, T. rex and Sarah. The game starts with the Compy’s world, where you fight your way through the jungle. Then following that you have the Hunter, Raptor, T-Rex missions. Lastly you end with Sarah Harding’s missions or “Human Prey” afterwards, you’ve to finish the game. The human characters (Hunter, Sarah) have their weapons to take the dinosaurs down: Tranquilizer Darts, Rapid Fire Tracer, Grenades, Nerve Gas, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Flame Thrower, and Emergency Rescue Flares. The dinosaur characters attack their enemies with their claws or just snap after them.

After each finished section you get a password, which allows you to continue the game another time with the new section, so you don’t need to save it on a memory card. Often when you fight against your enemies you lose a lot of your health, however you can power it up by eating the opponents you have killed. Each character has it’s own gameplay control – except for Raptor and Compy, it’s nearly the same. The moves of the dinosaurs look very realistic, but the humans not so much.

A cool “feature” of the dino characters is that you can do their calls – they’re taken directly from the films. At the time, the graphics were considered quite revolutionary as well as the gameplay, the main advertising point was you get to play as the T.rex. The soundtrack was composed by eventual Jurassic World composer, Michael Giacchino.


That said, there are three versions of The Lost World: Jurassic Park that were released. There is the first version, which has the instinct meter as a simple bar underneath health. The second version which swaps the bar out for an ‘eye’ that changes color as a character’s instinct fluctuates, the iris getting thinner and more narrow. The T. rex levels also were changed in this version, adding more velociraptor spawns, much to the frustration of many. The last version is the rarest version and was also exclusive to the Playstation, it is the Special Edition version. It contains a bonus level that takes place on Isla Nublar for the first level as a prequel of sorts, where the player gets a taste of the T. rex’s power. It also adds mid-level checkpoints to make the game much easier.

Easter Eggs:
There are various easter eggs in the videos between each character. Usually these are small blurbs of text that are either absurd, unrelated, or break the third wall.

Compy Video:
The first easter egg can be found in the list of emails. Note the subjects of these emails. One from a Barnett. L is entitled “Go Forty-Niners!”, A reference to the San Francisco football team. Wilson, C.’s Scone production, a snack cake. Molen, J.’s is an Acting Workshop.

The second easter egg is in the massive email from Comstock. C, about moving the Compy’s into a new habitat. One entire paragraph of this letter is an easter egg.

Looking for secret messages? You found one! Congratulations! Though, come to think of it, this isn’t much of a secret. It’s actually quite lame. I’m sorry.

Hunter Video:
Check the jobs for the staff at the very start of this video. They’re all sorts of ridiculous titles. The more zany ones include: Stepped on by T. Rex, Exterminator, Lord of the Dance, Pachy Specialist, Mighty Adventurer, Guard Dog Trainer, MIA on Isla Nublar, Possible Biosyn Spy, Raptor Wrangler, Marksman 1st class, Piton Training, Elephant Wrangler, and SDI consultant.

Raptor Video:
In the Raptor victim census, the only dinosaur to suffer the least amount of losses to the dreaded predator is ‘Mollysaurus’, a joke name, with one casualty.

During the Fatality Investigation sequence, the text on the left at one point says ‘WATCH SPIN CITY’, a sitcom from the 1990s. It also says ‘WEAR YOUR SEATBELT’, ‘PLOTTING COURSE’, and ‘ROSEBUD WAS THE SLED’ occasionally.

T-Rex Video:
Check the System Check and Diagnostic Status part of the screen. Odd things such as ‘US DOD TAP’, ‘BIOSYN DECOY DATA’, and ‘TOP SECRET JP3 SCRIPT’ show up.

Bonus Ending:
Very hard to see, but on the bonus video with Ian Malcolm talking to the player, there are a few other funny messages on the right, including ‘ISLA SORNA PARTY BEACH HOUSE’, ‘IAN MALCOLM POSITIVE MESSAGE’, ‘BEACH IS STILL A CARNIVORE AREA’, ‘CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING’, ‘JEFF GOLDBLUM IS VERY COOL’, ‘STEVEN SPIELBERG IS VERY COOL’, ‘VELOCIRAPTORS MAKE BAD PETS’

In Game Easter Eggs:
In the level ‘There were two…’, on the back wall of the cargo ship, the word HELP is written in blood.

Passwords, Cheats, and Unlockables – Playstation Version:

Level select and view FMV sequences
Enter Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square as a password three times. Note: Ignore the invalid password response between entries. Select the blank position at the bottom of the “Movies” menu to view all FMV sequences in the game.

Start with 59 Lives
At the “Press Start” screen, press Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle. Then, the game will begin without sound effects. Exit the game, enter options, then turn sound effects “On” and re-enter the code.

Free movement
Begin a game on the Human Prey or Hunter levels. Then, hold L1 + Up, and press X + Square. Now your character may move freely through out the level and have a rapid fire weapon. Note: Your character will also be invincible while shooting the weapon.


Enter one of the following passwords to view artwork and additional scenes for the corresponding game character.

Gallery Password
Compy XTriangleTriangleSquareXCircleTriangleSquareTriangleCircleXCircle
General SquareCircleSquareCircleCircleCircleSquareCircleSquareCircleSquareCircle
Human Prey TriangleSquareCircleSquareXTriangleTriangleCircleXSquareTriangleTriangle
Hunter TriangleXSquareTriangleCircleXSquareCircleTriangleSquareXCircle
Sarah CircleCircleXXTriangleXTriangleSquareXXTriangleTriangle
T. Rex TriangleTriangleCircleSquareTriangleXTriangleSquareSquareXTriangleCircle
Velociraptor CircleSquareTriangleXCircleTriangleSquareXCircleSquareXTriangle

Level passwords

Enter one of the following passwords to begin at the corresponding level with 99 lives.

Level Password
Compy XXCircleTriangleSquareXSquareXCircleSquareTriangleSquare
Human Hunter SquareSquareTriangleCircleXSquareSquareSquareSquareXCircleTriangle
Velociraptor XXCircleTriangleSquareXSquareXSquareSquareTriangleCircle
T. Rex XXCircleTriangleSquareSquareSquareXTriangleSquareTriangleSquare
Human Prey SquareSquareTriangleCircleXXSquareSquareTriangleXCircleTriangle

Passwords, Cheats, and Unlockables – SEGA Saturn Version:

Drag Mode
Drag mode allows players to move anywhere in the current stage simply by holding the L button while pressing the d-pad! To enable drag mode, hold L, X, Y, Z and B buttons at the options screen. Then return to the main menu. “DEBUG BRAG” should appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen

Display Mode
To enable debug message mode, hold L, X, Y, Z and B buttons at the option screen. Then return to the main menu. “DEBUG DIS” should appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Debug Mode
Debug mode allows players activate either one or both debug cheats, drag mode and display mode. To enable debug mode hold L, X, Y, Z and B buttons at the options menu. Then hold L, Y, and B buttons. Next, return to the main menu. You will be prompted to select either Drag mode, Display mode or both.

Key in the following buttons on the controller to unlock each individual Cheat or Unlockable.

Easy Mode (Easy kills and No gore)
X,  X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X

Level Select
X, A, X, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Z, X, Y, Y

Ending Password (See the ending of the game)
A, Y, X, Y, Y, Y, Z, Y, A, Y, X, Y

Human Hunter Levels
Y, Y, X, Y, Z, X, Y, Y, X, Z, X, Y

Human Hunter Gallery
A, X, X, Y, A, Y, X, Y, Y, Y, X, Y

Human Prey/Sarah Harding Levels
Y, Y, X, Y, Z, Y, Y, Y, Z, X, Y, Y

Human Prey/Sarah Harding Gallery
Y, Z, X, Y, Z, A, X, Y, A, A, X, Y

Compsognathus (Compy) Gallery
A, Y, X, Y, X, X, Z, X, Z, Z, Y, Y

Velociraptor Levels
Z, X, Y, Y, Y, Z, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y

Velociraptor Gallery
X, Z, X, Y, X, Y, Y, Y, Z, X, Y, Y

T-Rex Levels
A, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, Y, Z, Y, Y

T-Rex Gallery

Y, X, X, Y, X, Y, Y, Y, A, Y, X, Y