Thorne Mobile Field Systems (C/N)

Thorne Mobile Field Systems was an engineering company founded by Dr. Jack “Doc” Thorne after he took retirement from Stanford University. Known for his dislike of theory and specializing in the use of more unorthodox engineering methods, Thorne took his profession into practice by founding Thorne Mobile Field Systems. Based in a shop at the far end of an industrial park in Woodside, Ca, the headquarters featured a large work floor with a small office in the corner. Of the few employees who worked for Thorne, one of the most notable was chief foreman Eddie Carr, whose genius with electronics and mechanics made him indispensable. In 1995, Richard Levine sought out Thorne Mobile Field Systems to create a modified Ford Explorer and a pair of specialized trailers to be used in a field expedition to Isla SornaInGen‘s Site B.