Tiffany “Tiff” (S/F)

Tiffany was married to Mitchell, and they were a pair of big-game hunters traveled the world, searching for the next big game to hunt. Upon finding out that Jurassic World on Isla Nublar was abandoned, they hired a guide, Hap, and traveled to the island via boat in order to attempt to hunt the animals before travel was restricted. Once on the island, the group would set up a camp from which they could base their activities.

Mitch, Tiff, and Hap

At some point after their arrival, the pair would hunt and kill a Sinoceratops, decapitating it for use as a trophy. This appears to have been their only successful kill, as Hap was not experienced at tracking down dinosaurs.  The group would eventually run into the campers, who were being pursued by a Ceratosaurus. Scaring the Ceratosaur away via the use of flares, Tiff would greet the campers along with the others, claiming to have received their distress signal.

A Compy attacks Tiff

They lie to the group that they are eco-tourists, even as they lead them to their camp and provide them with breakfast. After the campers have rested, Tiffany would go with Darius and Mitchell to observe some Compys. They attack her as she gets close, however, Darius manages to distract them with a candy bar. After returning to the tent, Tiff would calm down Hap after Brooklynn and Kenji attempt to sneak into their private yurt. At some point, Tiffany and Mitchell would have a private discussion with Hap over what to do with the campers.

Darius leads Mitch and Tiff to a herd of Brachiosaurs

Later that day, Tiff would go with Darius and Mitchel to observe a herd of Brachiosaurus, as they start to take photos of the dinosaurs. They are informed of the existence of a watering hole by Darius, and Tiff radios Hap to inform them of their change of plans. However after Hap informs her of the children’s disappearance, she would announce they need to return back to camp.

Back at the Hunter Camp, Mitch and Tiff would begin to pack for their hunting expedition. After Darius is caught sneaking in the yurt, the adults cast aside their ruse of being eco-tourists, with Tiffany holding onto Sammy and Yasmina in order to force Darius to lead them to the watering hole. As they force the campers to march, they would rest temporarily, night falling as the hunters prepare their weaponry for the hunt.

Mitch and Tiff hunting the Stegosaur

As a Stegosaurus ambles through a clearing, Mitchell and Tiff aim their guns at the dinosaur, just as Darius whistles, causing them to miss their shot. The Stegosaurus charges the group, and the campers run away in the confusion, even as they are pursued by the Stegosaurs.  They do not get far as Sammy is knocked down with the case, and the others are quickly grabbed. Sammy attacks Tiff, allowing Yasmina to get away with a message. Tiff threatens the pair with an electrical prod to discourage them from trying anything else.

As the pair force Sammy and Darius to guide them to the watering hole, they start to bicker. Hearing the campers whispering, they interrogate them what they are talking about, even as the kids manage to trick them into going out on Main Street. Swiftly realizing that they have been lied to, they start to threatened them, cornering them in a shop. As the adults attempt to attack them with shock prods, the kids swiftly dump a shelf on them, and attempt to flee with their guns. As the adults recover, Tiff remarks her intent to kill the pair of them, despite her husband’s reluctance.

As Mitch and Tiff stalk them through a dining area, the pair attempt to bargain with them. Sammy inadvertently drops the gun, making noise so as to attract the adults, and they begin to corner them once more. However, the adults are distracted by screeching in the distance, as well as Mitch nearly tripping on a scooter, allowing the children to get some distance between them and the adults. A Compy screeches past them, alerting the hunters once more.

Tiff shocks what appear to be the kids, but turns out to be the standee of Brooklynn. Meanwhile, as the power comes back onto the park, Darius and Sammy try to get into a shop, but are alerted just in time over the intercom that the hunters are attempting to ambush them. As the hunters have them cornered, they threaten them again, but the ACU tablet starts beeping due to the power being restored. Tiff is able to see the locations of all the dinosaurs on the tablet, including the watering hole. Just then, they are interrupted by the sound of something large approaching them.

The Rex roars at the hunters

The Tyrannosaur approaches, roaring at the hunters as they attempt to flee through Main Street. Mitch and Tiff begin to desperately fight Sammy and Darius for the guns, even as the Rex attacks them. The Rex lunges, snatching up the guns, and causing the group to scatter. Tiff narrowly evades the Rex’s jaws, as she tries to escape with the guns and Mitch as they flee into the jungle, deciding to just follow the ACU tablet to the watering hole.

As Mitch and Tiff make their way to the watering hole, they continue to argue, even as they pass by the Baryonx trio. The pair are frustrated as they find that their path is blocked by a fence. Tiff attempts to climb through the fence, only to be repelled by the electricity coursing through the fence. As she stumbles backwards, Brooklynn taunts them through the PA system, informing them that all the fences are electrified. As Mitch is dismayed, Tiff attempts to reassure him they will succeed in their hunt.

Tiff shoots Grim

Just then, the pair are ambushed by one of the Baryonyx trio. However, Tiff manages to push Mitch away and shoots the Baryonx, Grim, dead. The pair abandon the dead Baryonyx, declaring their intention to return for it after the watering hole. Mitch and Tiff continue on the path, reaching the Watering Hole, as they are about to select which dinosaur to hunt first, just as Darius startles them.  Darius stands his ground even as the pair approach him.

Just then, the hunters are barreled into by Brooklynn riding a gyrosphere, falling to the floor. Darius kicks the rifle away, as Brooklynn and he reconnect. However, they are interrupted by Mitch and Tiff who have gotten up, threatening them with the guns. Darius and Brooklynn use the distraction of the other children causing the herd to stampede to escape in the Gyrosphere.

As Mitch and Tiff catch up to them, they begin to threaten them, but just then Mitch informs them that the tablet states that there are a herd of animals coming their way. The hunters flee, and attempt to climb a tree to escape, just barely managing to evade the herd. Tiff is dismayed that her rifle is broken due to the stampede, and Mitch is caught in a trap, and is left hanging suspended upside down by his wife, as the Tyrannosaur approaches. Tiff grabs his keys and hands him the gun, leaving him to fend for himself as the Rex approaches.

Tiff’s final moments

Tiff reaches the dock first, attempting to close the gates to hinder the campers as she starts making a break for the boat. As she steers the boat away from the dock, she believes she has gotten away, taunting the children that she will never tell anyone that the children are still on the island. As she is still gloating, she looks up to see Chaos and Limbo have snuck on the boat, staring outside the window. Shortly afterwards, they break through the glass and kill her as she screams.