Tim Murphy (C/N)

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Tim Murphy was the older brother of Lex Murphy, and the grandson of John Hammond. He was an avid dinosaur fan, and understood many of the technical proceedings at Jurassic Park more than his sister. He was invited to Jurassic Park by Hammond to keep the park from being closed by Donald Gennaro. Tim accompanied the adults on the tour of Jurassic Park. Tim was also in the Land Cruisers when they were attacked by the escaped Tyrannosaurus rex, and was still trapped in the car when it was thrown into a tree. Though he survived, he sustained some injuries. He traveled with Alan Grant, one of his idols, and his sister through the park to find safety. Tim was almost killed by the adult Tyrannosaurus, as at one point he was trapped in an enclosed space and dragged toward the animal’s waiting mouth. However, it passed out from Robert Muldoon’s tranquilizer just in time. At the Visitors Center, Tim kept his sister safe from the pursuing Velociraptors. Later, he was able to give power to the park. He also escaped the island by helicopter.