Tranquilizer Guns (S/F)

A total of 3 tranquilizer guns were used in the 1997 InGen Incidents; Lindstradt, LAR Grizzly Big-Bore, and Dan-Inject JM Standard. Tranquilizer guns were also utilized on Isla Nublar‘s facilities as Muldoon used a tranquilizer to subdue the Triceratops. The gun belonged to Eddie Carr, although he never fired it through the entire trip to Isla Sorna, and there were parts of Ian Malcolm holding it. The gun was also seen in the trailer attack when the 2 T. rex approached Eddie’s car. Eddy was going to use it, but it got caught on a net, and Eddy took too much time, thus leading up to his demise.

The other tranquilizer gun was the LAR Grizzly Big-Bore. It was used by Roland Tembo to capture the T. rex before sending it to San Diego, and by Sarah Harding to sedate the T. rex back into its enclosure in the ship. Unlike the Lindstradt, this is an actual firearm, mocked up as a dart gun.

The last Tranquilizer gun had minimal significance in the InGen Harvest expedition and was barely seen. This tranquilizer gun was the Dan-Inject JM Standard. It was relatively small-sized and was held by Dieter Stark during the round-up.