Tyrannosaurus rex (S/F-Ride)

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Tyrannosaurus rex means “Tyrant Lizard King”. It was first found by Barnum Brown in Eastern Wyoming, but other remains have been found in Western North America. The Tyrannosaurus is the best known dinosaur around the world and has left a huge imprint on the public conscience. It lived during the Late-Cretaceous Era 65 million years ago.

The biggest T. rex specimen found was 12.3 meters (40 ft) long and was 4 meters tall (13 feet). It weighed approximately, between 5.4 tons and 6.8 tons. T. rex was a carnivore and recent finds have suggested that it was feathered, which is a feature InGen’s rex lacks. Isla Aventura had at least one Tyrannosaurus on it. At least one Tyrannosaur was known to live on Isla Aventura; its coloration suggests it was a female.

During the breakout on Isla Aventura the one rex on the Island broke free from its enclosure. The rex managed to break into the giant storage warehouse on the island and menaced the trapped guests who had gone in the storage warehouse to escape the Velociraptors and Dilophosaurs close behind them.  It was when the guest prepared to go down an exit chute that the Tyrannosaur made itself know. The huge beast attempted to lunge at the guests. But they dropped down the exit chute before they were injured.

The fate of the Tyrannosaur on Isla Aventura is unknown; it is assumed that the previously-released chemicals had killed it. If it survived this, it was more then likely put down.