Nublar Damselfish (S/F)

The “Nublar damselfish” is an unidentified species of small marine fish most likely in the family Pomacentridae which is known to have inhabited the Jurassic World Lagoon until at least 2016. Its identity is unknown, and it may be one of many species of fish indigenous to the Western Pacific Ocean near Costa Rica, or potentially a fictional species found near Isla Nublar. It may also be a de-extinct fish species bred for the Lagoon, or a foreign species introduced by InGen for aesthetic purposes.

It may be a specific type of damselfish called a chromis, though some have suggested it is a wholly different kind of fish such as a wrasse, a grunt, a snapper, or even a parrotfish. However, in reality it is digitally created for the film and is likely not intended to be identifiable as a specific fish species.