U.S. Marine Corps/U.S. Navy (S/F)

The United States Marine Corps was formed in 1775 by Captain Samuel Nicholas and was created to serve as an infantry aboard naval vessels, responsible for ship security as well as their mission, to be an “amphibious” armed force – with the training for both land and sea raids.  Now the Marine Corps’ role has expanded, with them now focusing more on missions on land. It is not definitely known what battalion of Marine Corps were dispatched to rescue Dr. Grant and the Kirby family when they were stranded on Isla Sorna, but they were more than likely the Third Regiment AAV. They were sent by Alan Grant’s friend, and fellow Isla Nublar survivor, Ellie Sattler (who had married and become Ellie Degler). The Marines were identified when Eric Kirby said “She sent the Navy and the Marines!”

The United States Navy was formed on October 13, 1775 during the American Revolution as the Continental Navy. It was shortly disbanded as a separate group; however, when the U.S. Constitution was drafted, it granted the Congress power “to establish and maintain a navy”. Along with the Marines, the Navy showed up on the shore of Isla Sorna, sent by Ellie Degler, to rescue Grant and the Kirby’s.