Unnamed Helicopter Pilot (S/F)

The Helicopter Pilot

The Helicopter Pilot was a mercenary sent by Eli Mills to retrieve the Indominus Rex sample in 2016. However, before her helicopter crew could reach Main Street, they encountered the missing campers on a Yacht. Hansen would direct Ben Pincus, Sammy Guitierrez, and Kenji Kon onto the chopper. However, before the other campers could board, the Tyrannosaur appeared, forcing the chopper to attempt to take off. The Pilot watched horrified along with the children, as Hansen was killed, reporting his death to the other mercenaries.

As the helicopter pilot would transport the children, they begged her to turn back, but she refused. Just then, the helicopter was attacked by a flock of Pteranadons, which were drawn to the lights from the chopper. Ben advised her to turn the lights off as they were drawing the animals in, and she reluctantly complied, causing the animals to fly away.

The pilot was distracted for a brief moment in thanking the campers, not noticing the Brachiosaurus appearing directly in front of her. Swerving frantically to avoid the dinosaur, the pilot would lose control, and she crashed the chopper into a tree. When the other children awoke, there was no sign of the pilot.