Utility Shed – Isla Sorna (C/N)

The utility shed was a small shed on Isla Sorna, InGen‘s Site B, similar to a toolshed or a guardhouse  built of concrete broken only by a door and a single, square, glass-paned window, and capped with a tin roof. Located somewhere not far off from the Tyrannosaurus Nest, the structure originally was used to house mechanics of some sort. However by 1995 these mechanics had been removed, presumably by InGen before they abandoned the facilities on the island, leaving only only the pipes in the floor that had once been connected to the machinery and rust spots on the concrete floor where the machinery had once been bolted down. One corner of the interior had a timer light that was set to illuminate the shed during the nighttime hours. In 1995, Dr. Lewis Dodgson makes asylum in this shed to rest for the night. He came upon the shed after noticing the light inside while being pursued by Procompsognathus while on a mission to steal dinosaur eggs for Biosyn.

Later, Kelly Curtis, Arby Benton, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and Dr. Jack Thorne found the shed an access point to a small network of utility tunnels that ran underneath the island. The tunnels could be accessed via a wooden trapdoor in the floor. The group used these tunnels to escape Velociraptors after they had been cornered by the animals in the Convenience Store. The tunnel beneath the store interested at a Y-junction, one way leading to the Laboratory, the other to the shed.