Velociraptor antirrhopus sornaensis Alpha Female (S/F)

Velociraptor_jp3This individual was the female leader of a V. a. sornaensis pack of Raptors that was encountered in 2001 by a rescue operation that went to Isla Sorna, InGen‘s Site B, to rescue Eric Kirby, who had been stranded on the island eight weeks prior during a tragic paragliding accident. Measuring thirteen feet long and five feet, six inches tall, she led her pack half-way across the island to recover a pair of eggs stolen from her nest by Dr. Alan Grant‘s field assistant, Billy Brennan.

First seen after the Raptor that was encountered in the Embryonics Facility started calling for help, she immediately was seen jurassicparkiii23responding to the rest of the pack. After Dr. Grant was separated from the rest of the group when he tripped over Billy’s dropped camera back containing the Raptor eggs, the rest of the group found a tree to climb up, save for Udesky, who was cornered by the pack. After one male Raptor incapacitated Udesky while the human attempted to defend himself with a large stick, his screams alerted the female, who alongside the male, waited for the humans to respond to the man’s distress. When Amanda and jp3-010Paul Kirby started to try to climb back down, Amanda Kirby nearly fell out of the tree when a vine snapped. Luckily, she caught herself on another branch but found herself hanging just out of the reach of the female and her pack mate’s teeth, who could not reach Amanda even through jumping. Seeing that this effort was fruitless, as the group did not have the eggs anyhow, the pair left, but not before executing Udesky by ripping out the cervical vertebrae in his neck. Meanwhile, Dr. Grant came upon a pair of the Raptors participating in jurassic-parkwhat appeared to be a conversation. Turning away to plan his next decision, when Dr. Grant turned back, he found one of the Raptors waiting for him. Soon finding that the rest of the pack, the alpha female included, was closing in on him quickly, Dr. Grant was saved when a slew of gas grenades entered the clearing, scaring off the pack of Raptors. Eric Kirby, who had used his last supply of gas grenades to save Alan Grant, brought the doctored paleontologist to the abandoned water truck that the twelve-year-old boy had been sheltered in for the past two months.

jurassicparkiii35After the two groups had reunited, along with Eric finally reunited with his parents, the group continued their trek to the coast, now sans Billy, who had been apparently lost during a fateful trip through the Isla Sorna aviary, during which time, the group discovered that he had stolen the Raptor eggs. As they neared the coast, the group once again found themselves trapped by the Raptor pack. The alpha female came forward and approached Amanda Kirby, and hissed at her, indicating she believed that Amanda Kirby, being the only female of the group, was the leader and thus the prime candidate as the thief. Amanda thus demanded the camera bag that held the eggs and then gave the eggs back to the jurassicparkiii37alpha female. Dr. Grant, who found the cast of the Raptor resonating chamber that Billy had created back at the dig site in Montana, distracted the pack by using the resin device to imitate the Raptor’s calls, which distracted the Raptor pack. Coincidentally, the Raptor pack heard the sound of the approaching military convoy that had been sent to the island by Dr. Ellie Degler, and quickly retrieved their eggs before fleeing into the jungle. likely returning to their nesting site near the Embryonics Facility.