Velociraptor "antirrhopus nublarensis" (IDW-JPR)

The Velociraptors are seen only in two issues of the Jurassic Park: Redemption series. They are seen first as an image that Lex uses in her address to the United Nations (see image,) and then throughout issue five as well.

The first appearance in issue five is when a single raptor attacks Dr. Backer in the town of Glen Rose, Texas. After the attack the raptors don’t appear until there is a final battle between them and the Giganotosaurus outside the nuclear plant. As the pack of Velociraptors attack the large carnivore heads towards the lake outside the plant, and is then attacked by the mosasaur. The Velociraptors retreat from the giganotosaur as it and the prehistoric marine reptile fight it out. The raptors then trail off, and are unseen again.

Although there is never a definite answer as to what happened, it’s assumed that the dinosaurs were all rounded up, including the raptors even though they escaped after the fight with the Giganotosaurus.

It is interesting to note that the raptors seen in issue five are in fact smaller than the Velociraptors seen in the films, oddly enough. The trend of Redemption seems to be that they were making the animals bigger (“gigas”,) but the raptor in fact got smaller and close to the size that they were in real life.