Velociraptor Nest – Isla Sorna (C/N)

Raptor NestOne of the more prolific predatory dinosaurs on Isla Sorna was the Velociraptor. Part of the reason behind the large size of their population was the location on the island that they eventually settled in. Located at the bend in the river, the raptor nest was strewn not only with the bodies and skeletons of their smaller kills, but also the enormous carcasses of members of the Apatosaurus herd. At first, the means by which the Apatosaurus bodies arrived at the raptor nest was a mystery to Dr. Ian Malcolm and his group: even a hundred raptors could not possibly have dragged the body of one of the giant sauropods to their nest. As it turned out, the river itself and the DX prion infection provided the Raptors with their source of food.

On their regular hunts, raptors would occasionally attack an apatosaur, to no apparent success. However, because the Raptors were infected with DX, their bites passed the disease on to the giant herbivores. Eventually, this would kill them. Because the apatosaurs congregated at the river, the current would carry their bodies downstream, where they would become beached at the bend in the river, conveniently right where the raptor nest was located.

When Arby Benton was taken to their nest by the Velociraptors–though still alive because he had climbed into a security cageSarah Harding and Kelly Curtis took an electric motorcycle to find a raptor which had inadvertently taken the key to the cage. At the same time, Malcolm and the others drove to the nest itself to retrieve Arby. They ultimately succeeded, fleeing to the Worker Village in the northern part of the island to escape the pursuing raptors. However, this was only a temporary haven: the next morning, the raptors attacked again.