Velociraptor Nests (S/F)

Several Velociraptor nests are seen throughout the franchise, all with varying degrees of appearance.

The first wild nest is stumbled upon by Dr. Alan Grant as he leads young Lex and Tim Murphy on their trek back to the Visitor’s Center during the Isla Nublar Incident in 1993. The nest belongs to that of the V. a. “nublarensis” morph that was bred by InGen. Located between the roots of a tree in the old Velociraptor Paddock within the Park. Proof that the Velociraptors breeding, Dr. Alan Grant explains the culprit for this is the use of frog DNA, where some west African species are known to have the ability to switch genders in a purely single-gender environment. The eggs within the nest had to have hatched recently as evidenced by the two-toed footprints of the hatchlings remaining in the damp sand. If they weren’t recently hatched, the footprints of the young Raptors would have been washed away in the storm the night before.

A “nublarensis” raptor nest was stumbled upon by Doctor’s Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding along with Nick Van Owen and Kelly Curtis during a documentation operation on Isla Sorna in 1997. Located on the side of a steep slope near a patch of long grass and the InGen Worker’s Village, the nest was actually within close enough proximity to the Village that it’s structures were spotted by Nick Van Own from within the nest. When Ian, Sarah, Nick, and Kelly landed into the nest after sliding down a muddy slope from the long grass above, they found it vacated of it’s predatory inhabitants who were preoccupied with their slaughter of the remnants of the InGen Harvest Team. The nest, like that of the Tyrannosaur’s, was littered with various carcasses in many different states of decay. Among these carcasses were the bones of the massive Apatosaurus, a part of the few pieces of evidence of the animal’s living existence on Isla Sorna.

Another morph of Velociraptor, the V. a. “sornaensis”, made their home on Isla Sorna closer to the Embryonics, Administration, and Laboratories Compound. A nest belonging to a pack of this particular Raptor breed was encountered in 2001 by Paul and Amanda Kirby, who quickly notified it’s existence to their guide, Dr. Alan Grant. Upon seeing it, Dr. Grant recognized the site as a Raptor nest, leading him to hurry himself and his party out of the area as quickly as possible. However, Dr. Alan Grant did not count on his field assistant, Billy Brennan , to be foolish enough to take a pair of eggs in the hopes of selling them for dig funds. Billy’s theft leads the pack of Velociraptors to pursue the group half-way across Isla Sorna in an effort to retrieve their stolen eggs. The “sornaensis” breed of Raptor is much more organized in building their nest. The nest encountered, located along a small creek, contained at least four nesting mounds constructed of mud, leaves, and stick. The mounds each contained roughly a dozen eggs secured upright by a webbing of grass clippings.