Velociraptor Pen (CB-Topps)

Raptor Pen

Disambiguation Links – Raptor Pen (S/F) / Velociraptor Holding Pen (C/N)

The Velociraptor pen was located a short distance from the Visitor’s Center. It consisted of a large rectangular structure with a tall watchtower on one end. At one side, there was an unevenly sized door, built so that animals could be loaded in via crates. There was electric fencing all around it facing inwards, and large light posts on each corner. There was also a small set of stairs to a viewing area wherein guests might be able to look on the raptors in safety.

Before the inspection of the park, a worker was killed attempting to load a crated Velociraptor into the pen. During the official park tour, however, stronger security measures were taken, as a Bull was dropped into the pit by a crane. There were plans to utilize tempered glass in reinforced steel frames on the pen so that guests might be able to see the raptors clearer.

The velociraptors caged in the pen originally numbered eight, but by the time of the park tour, infighting had reduced that number to three. The raptors attacked the feeders every time they attempted to get close, although the fence was electrified. The Velociraptors never attacked the same part of the fence twice, systematically testing the fences for weaknesses.

The Velociraptors eventually broke out of the pen after Dennis Nedry shut off the power. This indicated also that the positioning of the shed was close to the Velociraptor pen.