Venom in Dinosaurs (C/N)

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As a result of the cloning process and splicing with different animals to complete their genetic code, a number of dinosaurs cloned by InGen have venomous traits; specifically, Procompsognathus and Dilophosaurus. The compies have a venomous bite which acts as a sedative, and is described as being most similar to that of a Komodo dragon; it does not so much kill the victim as make them easier to kill. In a way, this is merciful; after being bitten by a compy, John Hammond succumbed to the effects of their venom before the dinosaurs could kill and eat him, and thus (presumably) died relatively peacefully in his sleep. Lewis Dodgson was also bitten by a Procompsognathus on Isla Sorna which thought he was dead, but escaped to the safety of a building where he, too, succumbed to its effects. However, as he was out of reach from the compies, he survived and merely slept for several hours due to the tranquilizing effects of the venom. The dilophosaurs’ venom is not nearly so peaceful: these larger dinosaurs actively use their venom to hunt, transmitting it into prey via bite or by spitting it into their eyes. Because of how dangerous this venom was, antivenin was kept all over the park.