Venom in Dinosaurs (S/F)

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As a result of the cloning process and splicing with different animals to complete their genetic code, a number of dinosaurs cloned by InGen have venomous traits; specifically, Dilophosaurus and Troodon. The dilophosaurs use their venom to actively hunt and defend themselves, spitting it at short distances to blind enemies or potential prey, eventually causing paralysis. Dennis Nedry learned the effects of this venom first-hand; notably, Miles Chadwick survived his first encounter with a dilophosaur because of his glasses but was later killed by several of them anyway.

TheTroodon’s venom, arguably, has much more horrific effects. Their venom is secreted in their mouths, and is thus transmitted through bite. A single member of the pack would rush in and bite a prey animal, and the rest of the packmembers would linger back, waiting for the effects of the poison to set in: hallucinations, mass sensations of pain, high fevers, paralysis, and eventually brain death.