Visitors' Center – Isla Nublar (C/N)

The Visitors’ Center was Jurassic Park’s main guest hub. The building was high-tech in appearance, and was two stories high. By the time of the Isla Nublar Incident, the visitors’ center appeared to be mostly complete. Some of the areas that were present inside included a cafeteria, several exhibits, the Park’s control room and a large laboratory with several subdivisions. Beneath it was an underground garage, where the Park’s Land Cruisers and staff Jeeps were kept. After being automatically dispatched to an embarkation point outside the main building, the electric tour cars would ‘collect’ guests and begin the Park Drive tour. In addition to this, Dr. Alan Grant was able to drive a golf cart that he discovered in a waterfall recess through a tunnel, the final destination of which was the VC’s garage.


The outside of the visitor building was made of glass, and construction on it appeared to have been completed by the time of Jurassic Park’s inspection. Anodized girders and supports were also visible.

Main Hall

The main lobby contained a small auditorium with a stage, and an animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex could be seen poised by the entrance of an exhibit called ‘WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH.’ The other, incomplete exhibits were labeled ‘WHAT IS A DINOSAUR?’ and ‘THE MESOZOIC WORLD.’ A suspended staircase lead to the second floor of the building from the main hall.

Second Floor Hallway

In the hallway of the Center’s second level, several warning signs were seen by Tim Murphy while taking the guided tour of the Visitors’ Center. On one of the corridor’s walls, several doors stenciled with various park management titles were present, probably leading to the offices of the Park’s management team.

Control Room

The control room was located on the second floor of the Visitors’ Center, and was the center of Jurassic Park’s automated systems. Some of the several computer monitors present in the chamber were used for displaying various bodies of data, while others showed security footage from around the park. The Park’s chief engineer was John Arnold, and Dennis Nedry was the chief computer programmer. After Nedry utilized the command ‘whte_rbt.obj’ to disable the Park’s security systems, Arnold was forced to restore the Park’s power supply, but due to unknowingly activating auxiliary power the entire system shut down. Dr. Alan Grant and Tim Murphy were later able to successfully restore Jurassic Park’s main power.

Hatchery/Genetics Labs

The genetics laboratories, hatchery and nursery could be visited by entering several doors marked ‘EXTRACTIONS’, ‘FERTILIZATION’ and ‘HATCHERY.’ Dr. Henry Wu, Jurassic Park’s chief geneticist, showed the inspection team around the facilities, explaining to them how InGen’s dinosaur DNA was obtained using powerful computers, how the dinosaur embryos were inserted into synthetic eggs and how the hatchlings were nurtured by InGen employees until moving into their paddocks.

The extractions area was made up of two rooms. One held boxes full of tagged amber and microscopes, and was where the DNA was extracted. According to Dr. Wu, extracting DNA from amber yielded better results than the Loy antibody extraction technique, where DNA fragments can be recovered directly from the fossils. From here, the DNA fragments were identified and repaired in an adjacent room where 24 Himachi “Hood” Automated Gene Sequencers lined the walls, all powered by a pair of Cray XMP supercomputers at the center of the room.

The next step in the process was fertilization. A section at the back of the fertilization room was bathed in a blue ultraviolet light, and contained some of the most lethal toxins known to man including Colchicinoids, Helotoxins, and beta-alkaloids. The hatchery was lit by an infrared light, and the long tables used to store the eggs, each table holding 150 eggs,  were covered in a mist in order to allow the eggs to absorb water from the surrounding environment. Moving all around the room were sensors that detected and checked temperature and movement from the eggs.

At last was the nursery. A stark white, round room  that held various toys, rags and blankets were used in the nursery to stimulate the infant dinosaurs, and a few empty incubators were seen during Dr. Wu’s tour.

Dining Area

The cafeteria was located on the first floor of the Visitors’ Center, and was visited by Tim and Lex Murphy while they waited for Dr. Alan Grant as he reactivated the main power generator. There were several tables and chairs, and a rack of chocolate and candy-based snacks by the cash register. A pair of doors lead from the dining area to the kitchen.


The kitchen was where the food for guests eating in the cafeteria was prepared, and contained various cooking utensils, a large steel table and stove and several walk-in freezers. While searching for ice cream for his younger sister Lex, Tim Murphy found various odds-and-ends of food produce and meat. The kids were stalked in the kitchen by a Velociraptor, before luring it into one of the freezers with a line of T-bone steaks.


In addition to the standard security measures such as surveillance cameras that were likely used in the Visitors’ Center, security guards were also employed, as evidenced by the discovery of the remains of one or more guards by Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex.