Vivian Krill (S/F)

still014Vivian was a technician at Jurassic World who worked in the park’s control room. Alongside fellow technician Lowery Cruthers, she helped monitor the park and its inhabitants.

When Jurassic World employees Owen Grady, Nick, and Ellis went inside the paddock of the genetically-modified Indominus rex to see if it had escaped, Vivian warned them that the reptile was still inside the cage with them. Only Owen managed to survive its subsequent attack and the Indominus broke out of its enclosure, which Vivian witnessed. She then attempted to alert the park that a dinosaur was on the loose, but was stopped by Jurassic World owner Simon Masrani, who believed the Indominus could be contained without causing a panic. However, the Indominus promptly slaughtered the Asset Containment Unit team sent in by Masrani, which Vivian also witnessed.

Upon learning that Masrani intended to personally stop the Indominus rex by piloting the park’s helicopter, Vivian unsuccessfully tried to talk him out of his plan. She informed Masrani of the dinosaur’s location near the Jurassic World Aviary, only for the helicopter to be attacked and brought down by Pteranodons that escaped when the Indominus opened a hole in the enclosure. Emotionally distraught by Masrani’s death, Vivian struggled to hold back tears as she warned the park that there was a breach in the aviary, caused by the helicopter crashing into it.

Jurassic World was then promptly taken over by InGen’s head of security Vic Hoskins, who relieved Vivian and the rest of the technicians of their duties, although she remained in the control room when Owen’s Velociraptors were released to hunt down the Indominus rex. After this plan to stop the genetically-modified dinosaur once again failed, Vivian was evacuated off the island with the rest of the InGen personnel. Before leaving, she bid farewell to Lowery, who chose to stay behind and continue operating the control room. Lowery attempted to kiss her, but Vivian revealed she had a boyfriend. The two of them instead exchanged an awkward hug before exchanging goodbye.


Sometime prior to 2022, Vivian Krill joined the CIA’s Dangerous Species Division, assisting the organization with tracking and monitoring De-Extinct species.