Worker Village Velociraptors (S/F)

BeFunky_SpotlightOn Isla Sorna there existed a pack of Velociraptor ‘Nublarensis’ that inhabited the remains of the Worker Village and the adjacent long grass. The Long Grass served as either the hunting grounds or the nesting site for the pack of Velociraptors. The Long Grass was used as their hunting grounds, to ambush any prey that may have been foolish enough to wander in. Their hunting formation in the long grass worked by first allowing their victims to entrench themselves some distance from the treeline before they showed themselves. It is known there were about seven number of animals in this Long Grass during the time when the InGen Harvesters traveled into it, not including the three Raptors seen in the Worker Village.

Velociraptor ambushing hunters in Diagonal lines to prey.

This strategy was showcased when the Hunters Expedition ran into the Long Grass after being running there in a panic from the Tyrannosaurus pair. The Velociraptors stalked Their prey in direct parallel diagonal lines from the Hunter’s formation, so that they would be unaware. The also maintained their position hidden in the grass, only leaping up to attack when it was too late for the prey to react. They managed to decimate the remainder of the hunters this way, including Ajay Sidhu of whose remains only his backpack was found.

The Raptor Nest

Ian Malcolm, Kelly CurtisSarah Harding, and Nick Van Owen only escaped the slaughter after finding Ajays’ backpack which alerted Ian to the need to escape from the situation quickly. They stumbled upon the pack’s nest after sliding down the hill. The nest was   littered with the carcasses of many dinosaurs, including an Apatosaurus skeleton. It was empty as the rest of the animals were all in the long grass slaughtering the hunters. This served as the midway point from which the group was able to access the Worker Village.

RaptorFacePlantAs the group made their way into the Worker Village,  a male Velociraptor jumped on top of a Chevrolet Suburban and attacked Dr. Sarah Harding in an ambush. However, she was able to escape from him by sliding out of her ‘Lucky Pack’ and running away as the animal tore the backpack apart. As Sarah and Kelly ran away, Malcolm distracted the male by drawing his attention away and running.

GotchaDr. Malcolm ran into the Gas Station to try and elude the male Raptor, and closed the door behind him. However it crashed through the glass, leading him to rip the door off of its hinges as a barrier. The male then charged the door which Dr. Malcolm pushed on it. While the Raptor was preoccupied, Dr. Malcolm ran into a truck and slammed the door. Undaunted, the Raptor chased after him and began to attempt to break the window open with its jaw.

As Dr. Malcolm distracted the first male, Sarah and Kelly ran into the Kiln House, where they RaptorBite were followed by a second male and a female Velociraptor. The female Raptor attempted to dig under the door the two humans had ran through. Sarah attempted to try and dig her way out of an opposing door, and the male Raptor allowed them to dig at the opposing door until the humans made their attempt at actually exiting. It was smart enough to stay out of sight when Sarah checked first to see if it was clear, only attacking when Kelly attempted to leave. The raptors then climbed through the hole in the door as the women sought higher ground in the Kiln House.

Malcolm being Cornered by a Raptor

As Dr. Malcolm was trapped inside the truck, he turned to see the Raptors attempting to get into the Kiln House. Meanwhile the first male broke through the glass and snarled at him, and Malcolm fled through the opposite door and into the Kiln House. Entering, he was greeted by Sarah and Kelly yelling at him to get to the second floor which he attempted to do as the raptors climbed through the hole in the door. However, the second male Velociraptor jumped on the catwalk and was about to lunge at Malcolm. Kelly Malcolm  jumped on a beam against the protests of Sarah though and began doing a

The second male raptor impaled after falling though the window.
The second male raptor impaled after falling though the window.

gymnastics routine. The second male turned away from Dr. Malcolm, confused and perplexed at the actions of the human. However, as he was distracted, Kelly finished her routine and kicked the Raptor out of the grated window where he was impaled upon landing. Sarah then distracted the first male and the female by yelling, which allowed Malcolm and Kelly to escape through the Kiln doors.

The Female Raptor as it followed Sarah onto the roof.

Sarah escaped through the Kiln roof and the female followed her. She attempted to jump to the opposite roof but only managed to catch the gutter. The female Raptor made the leap effortlessly after her, though. The first male watched from below, snapping at Harding and trying to attack. Sarah began to toss roof tiles at the male Raptor, one of which actually struck the animal, and it was enough to keep it from a second attempt at lunging.

The female Raptor on the roof attempted to reach the paleontologist, and so Sarah began sliding tiles further, trying to cause a chain reaction of sliding tiles on the roof. It succeeded in stalling the attacks of the male Raptor, but the female only moved to the side. As it seemed she was losing her grip, she finally managed to cause a chain reaction, causing an entire section of the roof to slide, sending the female Raptor falling on top of the male.

The Male and the female fighting
The Male and the female raptors fighting

The two Velociraptors began fighting, the male lunging on top of the female. They snapped and bit as they rolled over, causing Sarah to move out of the way. As Sarah crashed through a hole in the roof to make her escape, the female Raptor was seen snapping at the male Raptors’ neck, leaving superficial wounds, as the male can be seen struggling to gain the upperhand.