Gathering data for this project was rough through the journey and often very trying for me. I started this endeavor when I was just barely 15 and entering High School in the year 2000 back at InGenNET. I have learned so much since I started since then and have had a lot of philosophy changes that have helped shape the way I do things around here and my work with it. It has molded me into being a lot more scientifically minded than I used to be. That said, I send a special, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has positively helped me and positively helped the project in some way or another throughout this whole ordeal for the last two decades. This ranges from the continued support of friends, acquaintances professional & personal, family, pets, and even the fans that believed in the mission of creating an unbiased, scientifically-minded, and meticulously created archive free of unsubstantiated fan theories or “fanon” for other fans to take in and enjoy the information. Thank you!



Film Universe & General Collaboration:
Original Research Initiative: TyrannosaurTJ
Revisional and Completion of Research & Analysis Initiative: Oviraptor, Alex Darklighter, Puckman38/Dilophosaurus, Ganeosaur, AlphaChaosRaptor, Malcolm, Jon, Blood_Sucking_Lawyer, Ian, Dr.Dino/Joel Meine, SamFan, thenextalangrant, Jurassic Joey, Varan101, Admiral Maciejewski, Neo_Maze, butterbean, felipered97, T-Rex_Master, BrachioInGen, EV-108, dvrex, Jurassic Rex 3, paleoman, _Veritas_/DarkRex, FRH, JP-T-Rex, Klausi, dilly_dilophosaur, Ian_Malcolm_Chaotician, Lord_Kristine, and any others I may have missed.

Novel Universe Collaboration:
Original Research Initiative: AlphaChaosRaptor
Revisional and Completion of Research & Analysis Initiative: T-Rex_Master, dvrex, beeurd, TyrannosaurTJ, din0dude
Article Creation and Revision: Ian_Malcolm_Chaotician (IMC)
Character and Dinosaur Profile Concepts Art: dvrex and T-PEKC
Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna Map Concepts: T-PEKC
Isla Nublar Map: Henrique Zimmermann Tomassi

Young Adult Novel/Junior Novel Universe Collaboration:
Data Collection Initiative: Tyrannosaurus Matt, T-Rex_Master, & Spinoraptor rex
Dinosaur Profile Concepts Art: dvrex and T-PEKC

Comic Book Universe Collaboration:
Original Research Initiative: TyrannosaurTJ
Revisional and Completion of Research & Analysis Initiative: _Veritas_/DarkRex, theamazingark, beeurd, and thenextalangrant.

IDW Comics Collection/Integration:
Data collection and entries: _Veritas_/DarkRex


Real Name: Terry Davis Jr.

My history with the Jurassic Park fandom stretches as far back as the year 2000. So safe to say that for Jurassic-Pedia I’m basically the brain child and the DNA behind the notion of starting the encyclopedia in the first place. I have been involved with three cornerstone fandom sites from InGenNET, to JPDatabase, and I even started and ran Jurassic Park Legacy (JPLegacy) before closing it so I could get a better handle on my mental health. Unfortunately stress ate away at me and made me unable to do a lot and function normally and so I took a year about to work on my mental health and work my recovery before I started to feel a bit better again. What I loved was doing the encyclopedia and cataloging the information from the media across the franchise. I have had always done this since I joined the online Jurassic fandom in January of 2000. To me, knowledge is power and I felt I could share that knowledge to empower fans just by merely focusing on the encyclopedia aspects of the franchise with data archival and organizing it so people could easily access it. At that point, pulling the resources together once again to bring together a website seemed so much easier than I did the first time around. I learned a lot of tough lessons from working with the sites I had before. As such I endeavor to improve from those since starting Jurassic-Pedia in March 2017.

Outside of this, I’ve been a dinosaur enthusiast for all my life, in fact, I was like this since I started to learn to walk and talk. Dinosaurs were a massive part of my life way before Jurassic Park was released though, and they continue to be still long after the fact. When Jurassic Park came out in ’93 I was about eight (going on nine) years old at the time. When computers and the Internet became more accessible I eventually found my way online. From there I got a lot of experience working as a forum moderator, news reporter, forum administration & management, and even co-running at a point before wanting to strike out on my own. That would eventually end up with me running my own Jurassic Park site as previously mentioned in 2003. All of which took place over the course of 15 years. As said, knowledge is power, and I want the fans to feel empowered with knowing the details that are deep in the Jurassic series and improve their understanding as well as appreciate all facets the series has to offer altogether in generating interest from the scientific fields of paleontology, genetics, evolutionary biology, geology as well as the mathematics disciplines and even computer science.

Real Name: David G. Kowalski

My name is David G. Kowalski, and I’m the co-manager for Jurassic-Pedia! I first got into Jurassic Park around 1996. I was 3 years old at the time. My aunt was a total nerd, and introduced me to my two favorite franchises: Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Since that fateful encounter with Jurassic Park at a tender toddler age, I have been a huge Jurassic Park and dinosaur fan. I’ve been very interested in researching my favorite franchise, and uncovering all the secrets that it holds. One of my proudest accomplishments is having mapped the Worker Village.



Staff Helpers

Grincha/The Jurassic Park Collection (Honorary Helper)
InGen Harvest Leader (Brad)


Some graphics used were made by “Chilean Sea Bass” for JPLegacy and re-purposed for Jurassic-Pedia.


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