Henry Wu’s Specimens (S/F)

A group of hybrid animal specimens were kept by geneticist Dr. Henry Wu during his later tenure at Jurassic World, where he worked for International Genetic Technologies. These animals formed a vital part of his research into transgenic hybridogenesis, the creation of new and unique species via the genetic modification of one species with genes from others. A full list of these animals is not available, but they are known to have included the following:

  • Veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus calyptratus): Modified to possess a short bifurcated tongue
  • Laboratory rat (Rattus norvegicus domestica): Unknown modifications
  • Northern caiman lizard (Dracaena guianensis): Modified to express simple archosaur-like feathers
  • Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum): Modified to possess tall dorsal and caudal fins
  • Ball python (Python regius): Modifications induced leucism and polycephaly
  • Unidentified iguanomorphan lizard (likely Iguania): Unknown modifications
  • Unidentified slender green snake (likely Colubridae): Unknown modifications

The junior novelization of Jurassic World adds a few other specimens to this list:

  • Unidentified bony fish (Osteichthyes): Modified to possess tetrapod-like limbs
  • Unidentified mouse (Rodentia, likely genus Mus): Modified to develop exaggerated musculature
  • Unidentified monkey (Simiiformes, likely Platyrrhini): Modified to possess patagia similar to a bat

These animals were abandoned by Wu during the evacuation of Jurassic World in late 2015 and were most likely either retrieved by InGen Security task forces or confiscated by the United States government during the ensuing federal criminal investigations. Their eventual fates are unknown.