Amanda Kirby (JN)

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Estranged wife of Paul Kirby and mother of Eric. She and Paul had been apart for some time, but when their son went missing on Isla Sorna along with Ben Hildebrand, she rejoined Paul to help find him. Posing as a once-again married couple, they talked Dr. Alan Grant into coming along as guide for a “tour” of the island. Upon landing, Amanda quickly showed that, while she was desperate to find her son, she wasn’t exactly the brightest person in the world. She kept yelling for Eric and Ben through a bullhorn, and this attracted a hungry Spinosaurus, which killed mercenary Cooper and then caused their plane to crash as it tried to take off.

Amanda soon showed she also had an annoying talent for not listening to anything Dr. Grant said. Following the attack by Velociraptors, she and Paul tried to climb down to help the badly injured Udesky, but it was a trap set by the intelligent dinosaurs. She just barely avoided sharing the doomed mercenary’s fate. Later, the group was surrounded by the Raptors, demanding back the eggs which Billy Brennan had stolen. The alpha female thought Amanda had stolen the eggs, so she had to personally return them. Amanda presumably got back together with Paul afterwards.