It’s important that those who wish to help or that are already helping to remember the research protocol and the article creation guidelines to ensuring accuracy in information reported and accountability. We are merely just archiving what we find and put it into a medium that is easier accessed by those who are interested. Occasionally we will have to present evidence within the media that doesn’t come out and directly say one-way or another if there are perceived issues. Example would be the differences in dinosaurs between Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park with the dinosaurs shown in Jurassic Park /// and Jurassic World. “The Making of The Lost World” indicates the original differences were brought about the support of the animals being different sexes. Both male and female designs were created with the expressed use in the film was that it would represent different sexes. A monkey wrench of inconsistency was thrown in on Jurassic Park /// however. Source material and evidence within the film indicates different version numbers for the animals. It makes logical and logistical sense as the genetic reincarnation of the animals would require a lot of trial and error as well. This is an educated guess based off the information presented in the original novels and evidenced by indirect details like the numbers on the embryo vials in Jurassic Park. The matter would become more directed to the idea of version numbers from the implications of Masrani and Wu regarding the creation of the Indominus hybrid. There is the idea the animals “evolved” in a 4-year span of the last encounter and that is from Stan Winston Effects crew that mentions they played with the idea the animal’s design evolved dramatically to explain the differences. Scientifically, evolution is a long road along the way and the Jurassic-series is science-fiction. Sure it could be accelerated genetically, but that indication is not made that it has been done. Simultaneously, the “evolved dinosaurs” argument is used purely as marketing to get people interested in and on board to follow the third film. Teaser trailers are often disregarded by our team here due to them being a sole marketing mechanic.

Research Protocol:

  • We don’t write canon. We’re fans, and we respect that line between creator and consumer. We record what we see, we don’t create it.
  • Be objective.
  • Be impartial.
  • Be logical.
  • Be open-minded and prepared to be proven wrong.
  • Present all sides to the situation is there is more than one.
  • Follow the Scientific Method in a lot of respects to what you do.
  • Present all sides of the matter if there are. Not just the ones you agree with. This requires objectivity and impartiality.
  • No fan will ever use their position on here to alter facts or supplant their own “fanon” or desires into the Jurassic Park canons through any means on the encyclopedia whatsoever.
  • No one should use the encyclopedia in seeking personal fame or political gain ever.
  • All educated guesses must have evidence backing the claim. If there are multiple interpretations or multiple lines of said evidence then it must be presented or discussed to showcase it all in the article.

Things to Avoid:

  • Arguing interpretations or favoring one over another. It is important to know whether something is up to interpretation or not and then to present all sides.
  • Avoid over speculation. If something doesn’t fit or there are unknown aspects that is fine and expected. Films are not perfect productions. The Jurassic Park series has a lot of missing gaps or contradictory evidence.
  • Taking ownership of the series. At times, especially with the inconsistencies present, many of us will want to work through these inconsistencies out of an idea of meaning well, but it is very important to tolerate the unknowns. This goes back to remaining impartial.
  • Be aware of the signs of toxic fandom and avoid them at all costs to remain impartial and open to new ideas, retroactive continuity, or changes by the powers that be such as Universal, Spielberg, or others designated in the future.
  • Lastly, avoid wanting to be always right about things. One must avoid the pitfall of pride that accompanies being constantly proven right and must remain open to being wrong. This is really important.

Encyclopedia Article Creation Guidelines as follows:

  • The scientific method is another practice we employ in our research protocol.

    Treat articles seriously. Like an academic assignment at school or even an academic paper

  • Be informative – Longer is better to the reader. Plus have plenty of images
  • Educate yourself – Research to find the information if it is not presented.
  • Do not address the reader at all. Keep all articles in-universe as possible
  • Feel free to add some humor about recurring themes in entries. I love the funny, everybody loves the funny.
  • Add pictures where applicable. Preferably an image for each paragraph from left to right down the page.
  • Make sure the alignments of pictures do not make the text of the article look messy.
  • No quackery, wank, or fanon – Headcanons are great, so long as they stay in your head. If there is a need for speculation to be included then it must be indicated and have support for it and be inferences from evidence in an unbiased fashion… So ask questions like, is it indirectly confirmed or directly confirmed? What else could it indicate? List all options and all interpretations. Other questions like “What evidence is there for this conclusion?”, “What’s the source for that particular conclusion? If it unofficial or official?”, and “What are the conflicting sources that say otherwise? Are those official sources?”For a look into the various kinds of sources and how the canon fits please see our “Points of Separation” page.
    It is through unity we can complete our goal of cataloging the Jurassic media franchise to empower the fan base to know more about their favorite interest as well as help to educate about the scientific field of Paleontology to motivate a whole new generation of scientists and science enthusiasts!