Chaos Theory Episode Ten: The End of the Beginning


The episode opens up with the group being captured by Dudley Cabrera. He claims that they will be fine if they do what he says, but admits to being behind the smuggling operation. Cabrera also admits to setting up the scene with Brooklynn, but insists he hadn’t meant to kill her. He claims not to know about the Atrociraptors when Darius confronts him. He also admits to sending the threats on Dark Jurassic, and implies that if they do not cooperate he will harm them all and cover it up.

Cabrera tells them he wants them to drop the investigation, and orders Darius to return to working for the DPW to give the organization credibility. Ben tackles him, but Dudley manages to grab the prod and stun him, causing him to fall. Sammy uses her capoeira to knock Dudley unconscious as the group escapes. However, the group finds that they are locked in the building as they try to flee.

The front loading dock opens as the Handler appears, and Dudley arrives to greet her. He fires her, claiming to not want to be cleaning up more of her messes, and attempts to get Jensen to escort her out. However, Jensen tells Dudley that he has never been in control, and the Handler blows her whistle, summoning the Atrociraptors. The Handler whispers to Jensen, who reveals to Dudley before he leaves that their ‘boss’ doesn’t like loose ends. Dudley evades the Atrociraptors briefly and tries to plead for his life, but is killed by the raptors.

As the woman is about to leave, but one of the Atrociraptors turns, and alerts the Handler. She blows the whistle again, and the raptors pursue the group as they flee.  The group is cornered by the raptors on a high walkway. Just as the raptors are about to attack, a truck bursts through the warehouse, collapsing the walkway and sending both the humans and raptors scrambling. The driver is revealed to be Mateo, who runs to help the group.

Just as they are about to leave, a Suchomimus breaks free from its container and pursues the group.In the confusion, several dinosaurs break free of their containers, proceeding to attack the DPW agents. The Suchomimus and a Carnotaurus fight, which unlocks the Tyrannosaurus Rex container. The Rex roars, and an explosion occurs as it knocks over some barrels in it’s escape. The group attempt to run, but are cornered between the Atrociraptors and the Rex.

The Rex distracts one of the Atrociraptors while the group run from the other two. Eventually the raptors all attack the Rex. However, the group is cornered again by the raptors, and Darius is forced to free the half blind Allosaurus, using himself as bait to get it to attack the other animals. The Rex defeats all four animals, and roars in triumph.

As the group take a breather, they see Jensen take a briefcase full of eggs to the ship, to be delivered to someone he only names as ‘the Broker’. However, as he is trying to call this phone number, he is alerted too late to the Allosaurs behind him, which attacks and kills him. As the group leaves shelter, they see the Handler, and she whistles again, however her Atrociraptors are too injured. Seeing the police arriving as well, she calls off the attack and orders the raptors to retreat and the group takes their chance to escape.

Behind the group, the ship prepares to depart as the group realizes that the Broker is a boss above the Handler. Darius resolves to keep investigating, as well as admitting his feelings for Brooklynn were one sided. The group decide to get on the boat to get to the bottom of all this. Mateo leaves, but wishes the group well. The group sneaks onto the boat, resolved to follow it to its destination.

Elsewhere, DPW agent Ronnie gets an alert from Executive Director Wells , and sees on her phone that Dudley has died. She sends a picture of escaped dinosaurs at the docks to an unknown number. The final scene of the show reveals that she was sending the message to Brooklynn, who is very much alive, and has been keeping tabs on her friends.


    1. Sammy Guiterrez
    2. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
    3. Ben Pincus
    4. Kenji Kon
    5. Darius Bowman
    6. Brooklynn
    7. Bumpy
    8. The Handler
    9. Dudley Cabrera
    10. Jensen
    11. Mateo
    12. Ronnie
    13. Half Blind Allosaurus


  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  3. Atrociraptor
  4. Pachyrhinosaurus
  5. Suchomimus
  6. Carnotaurus
  7. Dimorphodon
  8. Parasaurolophus
  9. Allosaurus


  1. Department of Prehistoric Wildife Dock facility