Chaos Theory Episode Nine: Into the Fog


The episode opens up with a flock of Pteranodons flying overhead as Sammy and Yaz pursue the DPW truck. Yaz narrowly avoids a collision with the truck, just as the truck slows to a stop to remove a roadblock. The driver does not see his pursuers however and gets back in so Sammy and Yaz can continue following. Sammy apologizes to her girlfriend as the two of them acknowledge that they are overstressed. Inside of the truck, Bumpy continues to be extremely agitated as Ben tries to console her.

The truck comes to a facility checkpoint, and is cleared to enter, as Sammy and Yaz sneak by. Elsewhere in the same facility, Darius and Kenji manage to climb the fence. As they inspect a crate supposed to carry a deceased dinosaur, an enraged Tyrannosaur roars, with Darius and Kenji determining it’s not Big Eatie or the Rex from Nublar. They hide as the crates are moved. Darius realizes this is a large illegal operation and wants to find out who is behind it all.

Darius releases a Pachyrhinosaurus from its constraints, as the two find a way into the headquarters by climbing. The Pachyrhinosaurus breaks free and stampedes through the area, providing a distraction for Kenji and Darius to climb. Elsewhere, Sammy and Yaz make their way through the crates and sneak into the building. Both groups manage to successfully sneak in as the dinosaur is sedated. Sneaking into the building, Sammy and Yaz are horrified to discover rows of captured dinosaurs.

The DPW truck containing Bumpy and Ben is loaded into the facility, and Ben hides just before the door is opened and Bumpy is offloaded. Darius and Kenji continue to evade the guards, and they realize Yaz and Sammy are also in the building. They make a distraction to allow Sammy and Yaz to pass , and by extension also Ben. Kenji and Darius manage to reunite with Yaz and Sammy.

Ben overhears the guards mention that Bumpy will be on the next ship headed out. The rest of the group recoup their adventures as they decide on a plan. Darius realizes the conspiracy is global in scale as he determines the dinosaurs are being shipped out to such places as the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, and Malta. Darius pauses in front of the cage containing the half-blind Allosaurus as the rest of the group realize it’s the one that killed Brooklynn as well.

Kenji and Darius inform the others that Brooklynn was involved in the dinosaur trade the night she was killed. Ben rejoins the group, as he tells them to come to Bumpy’s aid and they all run to her cage. Ben and Kenji work together to open the cage, as they run to Bumpy’s side. After a moment’s tension, Bumpy is revealed to have laid an egg, and the group rejoices. Just then, they are confronted by Dudley Cabrera, who threatens them with a shock stick.


  1. Sammy Guiterrez
  2. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
  3. Ben Pincus
  4. Kenji Kon
  5. Darius Bowman
  6. Bumpy
  7. Jensen
  8. Dudley Cabrera
  9. Half Blind Allosaurus


  1. Pteranodon
  2. Ankylosaurus
  3. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  4. Pachyrhinosaurus
  5. Velociraptor
  6. Allosaurus


  1. Department of Prehistoric Wildife Dock facility