New ‘Jurassic World’ Movie in the Works, David Koepp writing the screenplay!

Two years after Jurassic World Dominion rolled its final credits, it appears the Jurassic Franchise is back again. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Universal Studios is ‘deep in development’ of another installment in the epic Jurassic series, with a possible release date of 2025. David Koepp will return to write the screenplay, his other credits include Jurassic Park and The Lost World Jurassic Park.

In addition, Frank Marshall will return to produce the film, as will Patrick Crowley. Steven Spielberg will also be producing via the Amblin Entertainment Banner. While further details are slim, the storyline is rumored to launch a ‘new Jurassic era’ with an all-new slate of characters.

Stay tuned to Jurassic-Pedia, as we will be eagerly reporting any official news relating to the film’s development. In addition, a provisional ‘Jurassic Park 7’ film article will be created soon, pending the film’s official title.


New Jurassic World Movie in the Works, with David Koepp Writing. (2024, January 22).