North Dock – Isla Nublar (S/F-T/G)

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The North Dock was a supply dock located at the northern end of Isla Nublar. It was used as a supply/shipping dock that housed shipping containers and extra dinosaur transport cages. The dock doubled as a visitor arrival point, where guests would arrive if they came to the island by sea rather than by air.

Gerry, Jess and Nima ran from the Tylosaur marine facility to the North Dock and ran into Billy Yoder while looking for sea transport off the island. Nima and Billy got into a confrontation regarding the embryo can and the Hardings, primarily revolving around Yoder’s abandonment of those he was hired to save. During the scuffle the female Tyrannosaurus rex arrived. The rex sniffed around the group and was only alerted to Billy’s presence after Gerry kicked the shaving can embryo container toward the water’s edge. Billy managed to save the can from rolling off the dock edge, but was the focus of the female rex‘s attention. Billy was subsequently eaten by the rex. Nima collected the loose shaving cryo-can and followed the Hardings as they raced away while the animal was distracted. Before getting far, the animal turned and chased after them.

Gerry ushered them into the stairwell of the “skywalk” which connected the dock proper to the shipping area and the park entrance at that part of the island. He then ran toward the cluster of containers. The rex chased after Gerry, while passing under the catwalk, the rex smashed the catwalk itself, which caused it to partially collapse, Nima to lose control of the cryo-can and fling Jess over the edge, leaving her hanging. The dinosaur noticed her, but arrived too late to attack her thanks to Nima pulling the young girl back up and into the walkway. The rex smashed the cryo-can, thereby ending Nima’s chances to smuggle the embryos off the island for payment.

Gerry, trying to save Nima and his daughter, attacked the dinosaur in the leg with a steel pipe. He garnered the predator’s attention. Gerry raced into the maze of shipping containers in order to lose the rex so that he could eventually join the other two at the 5-6 service personnel boat at the end of the dock and escape. However, the rex proceeded to rumble through the containers, knocking them every conceivable direction to find her quarry. Soon enough, Gerry found himself inside a dinosaur containment cage staring down at the rex‘s jaws. The dinosaur shook the cage madly in order to dislodge him from the back of the cage. She then threw the cage and Gerry toward the dock. He scrambled out and raced toward the boat, rex hot on his tail. At the last moment he flung himself on the the back of the speeding boat, just out of the reach of the lunging theropod. Angrily, the dinosaur roared at its prey.