Serenna veriformans (C/N)

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Serenna veriformans was a type of plant found in the main visitor center building complex near the swimming pool.  These plants were large ferns and were added to the complex to add to the prehistoric atmosphere.

Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, and Dr. Ian Malcolm went toward the main visitor building and found a swimming pool just beyond a fence.  Around the swimming pool, large ferns were abundant and planted throughout the entire area.  These ferns were known as Serenna veriformans, and were “authentic Jurassic ferns”, as stated by Ed Regis in 1989.

When Ellie investigated the ferns, she realized the plants were commonly found in fossils around two hundred million years old or older.  Although these plants were found in fossils, she stated the plant now lived in the wetlands of Brazil and Colombia.

Serenna veriformans was quite a deadly plant despite its appearance.  The spores of this plant stored a type of deadly beta-carboline alkaloid, and even touching the plant’s green ferns or leaves could have caused one to become ill.  A child could have certainly died if the compound exerted by the plant was ingested.  The plant’s toxins have proved to be up to fifty times more poisonous than oleander, which is a poisonous evergreen shrub.

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