Spinoraptor (S/F-JWE)

Spinoraptor is a transgenic hybrid genus of avetheropod dinosaur first conceptualized by Dr. Henry Wu of International Genetic Technologies. It combines traits from the dromaeosaur Velociraptor and the spinosaur Spinosaurus.

This species has not been depicted in the film canon proper, but can be bioengineered in the Jurassic World: Evolution tie-in games. It was originally introduced in the Ludia game canon, specifically Jurassic World: The Game. In its original depiction, it is instead a hybrid of Utahraptor and Spinosaurus. When it was introduced in the Jurassic World: Evolution roster, Utahraptor was replaced with Velociraptor due to the fact that Utahraptor was not in the original game. While Utahraptor has been added to the sequel via downloadable content, the genome of Spinoraptor will not be changed to reflect the source material.