Gray Mitchell (S/F)

Gray Mitchell was the younger brother of Zach Mitchell, and the youngest son of Scott and Karen Mitchell. Gray was highly intelligent, socially awkward, and obsessed with dinosaurs; his room littered with figures and Gray Mitchellposters of the prehistoric creatures. He and his brother were sent to Jurassic World to spend a week with their aunt, Claire Dearing, as their parents finalized their divorce.

Once the brothers reached Isla Nublar, they were entrusted under the care of Zara Young, Claire’s personal assistant, as Ms. Dearing was too busy with work. While visiting the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, Zach forcefully suggested they leave Zara behind while she was distracted by a phone call. The two brothers explored the park at their leisure; Gray spouting dinosaur facts along the way.

While riding on the monorail, Gray divulged to Zach that he suspected their parents were getting divorced as he had discovered letters from various lawyers. Zach initially brushed it of since it wouldn’t of affected him as he was moving out in two years, but upon noticing that his brother was struck with grief, he attempted to comfort Gray by remarking that he would be getting “two of everything” now. Gray simply replied, “I don’t want two of everything”.

Zach and Gray were later attacked by the Indominus Rex hybrid as they ventured into a restricted zone in one of the Gyrospheres. They managed to escape and ended up in the abandoned Visitor Center of the original Jurassic Park. There, they used their mechanical skill to repair a 1992 Jeep Wrangler, which they then drove back to the park.

Over the course of events that would follow, Gray and Zach began to bond and they both helped defend a Mobile Veterinary Unit from rogue Velociraptors after the failure of Victor Hoskins’ plan to utilize the animals to track and destroy the Indominus Rex.

During the chaos, Gray helped distract one of the Velociraptors by activating a Dilophosaurus hologram in the Innovation Center as the group was escaping. He would also go on to suggest that to destroy the Indominus they would require “more teeth”, which prompted Claire to release the Tyrannosaurus Rex from it’s paddock to assist in the fight. Following the destruction of the hybrid, and the evacuation of the island, Gray was reunited with his parents in Costa Rica.