Red King Crab (S/F) / (S/F-JWE)

The red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus), also called the Kamchatka or Alaskan king crab, is a species of large crab in the king crab family Lithodidae. Its leg span can reach nearly six feet and it is a highly valued species for crab fisheries in both the United States and Russia. Native to the far northern Pacific and southern Arctic Ocean, it is most commonly found near the Alaskan and Kamchatka Peninsulas as its common names suggest. This is one of the hardest crabs to catch according to people in the fishing industry, but it sells at a higher price for its weight than any other crustacean. While not endangered as of 2022, this species is experiencing a steady decline in population due to overharvesting and climate change.