Telescopic Shock Prod (S/F)

DieterTaserDuring the 1997 InGen expedition to Isla Sorna to harvest Dinosaurs, one of the lead hunters, Dieter Stark, brought with him a collapsible shock prod, like a cattle prod only with a telescoping shaft. The shock prod was first seen when Dieter brought it out after a curious Compsognathus hissed at him on the outskirts of a game trail. Dr. Robert Burke, who had been nearby, rushed over to inspect the small theropod. Dieter remarked the animals’ lack of fear, which Dr. Burke explained was the lack of human presence on the island. In response, Dieter shocked the Compsognathus, then quipping that the small creature now feared humans.

While hiking to the Worker Village, Dieter Stark took the time during a fifteen minute break to relieve himself in the bush. However, before he got a chance to relieve himself, Dieter encountered another Compsognathus. Out of amusement, Dieter began trying to shock the small dinosaur, but missed in all attempts. Soon Dieter realized he had lost his way, and while trying to find the rest of the group he fell down a hill and the shock prod was lost.

The prod itself was sectioned in four pieces. The hand grip, with a boxy control at the middle, allowed for one-handed wielding, and the battery kept enough charge for multiple discharges. The telescopic shaft of the prod had three collapsing sections, the bottommost holding rest of the prod when collapsed and the topmost ending in a metal two-prong fork. The charge was low, and the delivered electrocution was nonlethal, although did cause noticeable pain.