Zara Young (S/F)

ZaraYoungZara was the personal assistant of Claire Dearing, the park operations manager of Jurassic World. Her job involved performing assignments she received from her boss.

When Claire’s nephews Zach and Gray came to visit the park, Zara was tasked with looking after them. She waited at the ferry landing for their boat to arrive and met with the boys once they set foot on Jurassic World. After bringing them to their hotel room, Zara accompanied the brothers as they visited the Innovation Center, where they encountered Claire, and the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo.

While at the Petting Zoo, she was distracted by a phone call regarding her upcoming wedding, which resulted in Zach and Gray escaping from her supervision. Zara was unable to find them and notified Claire about their disappearance when she was told her to bring the boys back to the hotel.

Eventually, Zara discovered Zach and Gray were headed towards Main Street and was ordered by Claire to remain with them. However, by the time she reached the brothers, the area was under attack from Pteranodons and Dimorphodons that had escaped when their aviary was destroyed. In the ensuing chaos, Zara was grabbed by a Pteranodon and wound up falling into the lagoon that housed Jurassic World’s Mosasaurus. As one of the Pteranodons struggled to fly off with her above the pool’s surface, the Mosasaurus emerged from the water and ate both of them.