1985 Airstream 270 (S/F)

The 1985 Airstream Class A model 270 is a subtype of Mobile Home commonly used for camping. The outward appearance of this model was very similar to the Argosy Motorhome, in that it had external paint applied over the frame. These mobile homes could be very spacious, with room for a kitchen area, couches, a bathroom, and a fold-out bed. The Airstream operates on a standard 454 Chevy Engine and operates on an alternate transmission. The airstream model also had a folded out sunshade, for use when the vehicle is parked.

Owen Grady owned an Airstream Class A Model 270. He would reside in this vehicle while he was busy constructing his cabin in Northern California. Owen’s Airstream was retrofitted with a computer and an internet connection as well, as, inside it, he watched an early video of his connection to Blue.