Billy Yoder (S/F-T/G)

Billy Yoder was a mercenary employed by InGen to extract survivors from Isla Nublar following the Jurassic Park Incident, as part of a team that also contained , who would later meet up with Bravo Team, which included a man named Vargas. By chance, he discovered the embryo cold storage can that Nima Cruz had recovered and, at Nima’s suggestion, entered a secret partnership with her to split the money that she would receive by bringing the embryos to Lewis Dodgson. Yoder’s greed eventually brought him to the decision of abandoning the Hardings so that they wouldn’t be able to tell any authorities about what he and Nima were planning; when Nima betrayed him, he decided to leave them all behind and take the can, detonating a grenade taken from D-Caf’s body and flooding the marine facility. Thinking he was in the clear, Yoder discovered Jess Harding had stolen the can. Yoder confronted them all at the dock where a boat was waiting. He got into a fight with Nima and was about to finish her only for the Tyrannosaurus to show up. When Yoder stopped the embryo cold storage can that Dr.¬†Gerry Harding kicked from falling into the water, he drew the Tyrannosaur’s attention to him and was eaten.