Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Six: Clean Break


The episode opens up on Isla Nublar, as Daniel Kon stands with Dodgson and Kenji as they watch Mr. Hawkes load chipped dinosaurs into storage crates. Daniel promises Dodgson that he would have what he needs in two weeks, even as the other man tells him he needs some more samples. Dodgson heads off to a waiting plane, as Kenji and his father talk. Dr. Turner attempts to feed the carnivores, as Kenji tries to strike a conversation, but she brushes him off. Kenji attempts to tell her how she was right, but is interrupted by his father.

Daniel orders Dr. Turner to collect more dinosaur specimens as she goes off with Mr. Hawkes on the mission. Kenji witnesses the animals in distress, and becomes visibly upset. Dr. Turner and Hawkes manage to collect Stegosaurus dna, and then encounter a Parasaurolophus herd, as she dissuades him from shooting them as they let the herd pass.

As they continue on, Hawkes alerts them of an approaching dinosaur, as Dr. Turner realizes they are being stalked. A Ceratosaur charges them, and Hawkes fires at it, managing to knock the dinosaur out as it collapses.  Dr. Turner reluctantly starts to walk towards the animal, just as the dinosaur wakes up, and knocks Hawkes over with its tail. As the animal charges, Hawkes fires at it again, as he collapses in exhaustion.

On the boat, Kenji is confronted by his father regarding his progress getting the wifi set up. Daniel looks over the Ipad as he informs Kenji he is proud of him. While inspecting the IPAD, Daniel discovers that the children have escaped from their prison. Kenji sneaks around the containment areas, as he unlocks a container, revealing Bumpy to be a prisone and chipped. In shock, Kenji walks over to Bumpy as he quickly relocks the container before his father comes back.

Daniel approaches Dr. Turner and Hawkes as the two return, informing them of the children’s escape and how he needs Hawkes to help him resolve this issue. As Kenji returns to his father’s side, he is told that they are returning to Nublar, with his father lying that the schedule has been accelerated. Just then, Hawkes arrives to inform them that Dr. Turner has escaped. Daniel orders them to find her, as Kenji volunteers to go look for her as well.

Elsewhere, the herd is witnessed by Dave, Brand and Roxie as they continue to make their way through the jungle. The group notices litter on the ground and decide to follow the trail. The trail leads them to the abandoned hunter camp. They search the camp, as they find the decapitated hunter trophies, as Dave vomits in disgust.

Dr. Turner stops by a stream to take a drink, as she dumps the dna samples in the river. Just then, she sees the Parasaur herd again, witnessesing them tending to a sick individual. Turning, she sees Kenji who warns her that she is being followed. Kenji confesses that Daniel taking Bumpy was a turning point for him, and that he is still conflicted about leaving his father. They watch as a Baryonyx approaches, attacking the Para. Kenji is about to shoot it, but they watch the herd successfully draw it away from the injured individual.

Seeing the search party drawing near, Kenji realizes that he has to go back to his father, but he gives Dr. Turner a tranq rifle as he runs back. Kenji tries to dissuade the hunters from searching for her, but ultimately relies on asserting his father’s authority that the search for Dr. Turner will slow down the return trip to Mantah Island. Kenji manages to convince his father to give up the hunt for Dr. Turner and for them to return to the Island using the Mantah Corp samples for Dodgson’s plan. They leave the island, as Kenji watches Nublar fade into the distance.

That night, Brand, Dave and Roxie huddle over a campfire, as they try to figure out what to do. Just as they are about to give up the search, Dr. Turner comes out of the jungle and approaches them.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Baryonyx
  2. Carnotaurus
  3. Dimorphodon
  4. Stegosaurus stenops “gigas” (*) (S/F) / (S/F-S)
  5. Parasaurolophus
  6. Ceratosaurus
  7. Ankylsoaurus