Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty Six: Stay on Mission


Chaos and Limbo attack the Merc

The Episode opens as Yaz and Darius run through the jungle with the laptop, fleeing the mercenaries. Mr. Hawkes brings Brooklynn to the other mercenaries, as they keep her under guard and pursue the other campers. Hawkes pursues the children, using night vision googles to be able to ascertain their location, calling out to them to surrender the laptop. The other mercenary attempts to corner the children, but is instead, attacked and killed by Chaos and limbo.

Hawkes threatens the children that if they do not meet them at the rendezvous point, they will never see Brooklynn again. Meanwhile, the other campers manage to reunite at the Yacht dock, and they are informed that Brooklynn is held hostage.  The group argue over whether or not to surrender the laptop, as Brooklynn’s fate hangs in the balance. The group return to the Camp, as Yaz and Sammy to copy the laptop contents to a usb drive.

The rest of the group formulates a plan. Ben states his plan to use Bumpy as a distraction. Kenji shuts down the computer before it can finish wiping, as the rest of the group ponder on potentially leaving the island. The others realize that Kenji ran off with the laptop, just as Ben arrives with Bumpy to the rendezvous point in preparation.

The Monolophosaurs attack

As Brooklynn is held hostage, she taunts Dr. Wu, as Hawkes threatens her with harm if she doesn’t surrender the laptop. Just then, the group hears a dinosaur growl and stands to attention. Yaz distracts them, just as a pair of Monolophosaurs run into the secret laboratory, and proceed to attack the mercenaries. Brooklynn takes the moment to run, causing the Monolophosaurs to chase after her as she closes thedoor thinking that she has escaped, only to bump into Hawkes, who escaped via the vent in the lab along with Dr. Wu.

Wu defends himself to Brooklynn

Brooklynn is marched to the rendezvous point, thinking of a way to escape, although Henry Wu promises her that she will be reunited with her friends if the deal goes well. Wu defends himself to Brooklynn,  as the group comes across a roaring river and decide to cross the river  via a fallen log. They attempt to cautiously cross the stream, although a mercenary falls and slips down the raging river, although Hawkes refuses to go after him.

The mercenary group encounter a parasaur, and they observe it, as Wu and Brooklynn have an ethical debate as she informs him of the fate of E750. Hawkes scares off the parasaur, as he forces her to continue marching. As they reach the rendezvous point, Kenji runs out of the jungle with the laptop, offering the mercenaries the laptop. Ben decides to initiate the distraction just as Dr. Wu attempts to take the laptop from Kenji, but is made to do a hostage exchange first.

Ben arrives at the head of the stampede

Just as Hawkes is informing Wu to inspect the laptop, Ben comes in with a herd of Ankylosaurs while riding Bumpy as a distraction. Hawkes brushes Kenji off as he tries to take Brooklynn, as the mercenaries try to force her on the chopper. The herd prevents Wu and the others from getting to the chopper. Darius and the others arrive and reunite with Kenji and Brooklynn, Hawkwes pursues the campers through the herd,  demanding the laptop from Sammy and Brooklynn. Sammy throws the laptop, and it is trampled by the herd.

Darius manages to lead the group to safety as they escape the herd. Dr. Wu  escapes the Island with Hawkes after being informed that the mission to retrieve the Indominus sample was a success. However, Hawkes pursues the children in the helicopter, as Wu tries to dissuade him, and the chopper flies off

The group bids goodbye to Bumpy

As the group recuperates, Ben wishes Bumpy goodbye again, as the group embraces. Kenji informs Darius that he stole the laptop for Brooklynn, as they leave the island in the yacht. Darius takes a long look back at the island as he is relieved to finally have gotten off the island. The episode ends as a low growl emerges from the interior of the yacht, as the door latch moves.



  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Baryonyx.
  3. Monolophosaurus
  4. Parasaurolophus


References/Continuity to Lore:

  • Wu calls the mission for the laptop off after the Indominus sample is retrieved.