Chris Tunney (JN)

Younger brother and second in command of Simon Tunney’s insertion team. When Simon was attacked by Triceratops, he threw a stone at one of the infants to draw the attention away. Eric Kirby later revealed himself as the one who saved them by mimicking a Velociraptor call, he sided with his brother and blamed Eric for the incident.

After being met by Alan Grant and a rescue party, Chris went with his group and stole a Humvee so they could continue their exploits.  When they were attacked by a Carnotaurus, he ran with Eric and Deborah Holland into a fissure.  Believing they were safe, he was surprised when the Carnotaurus burst its way through and attacked.

Hitting his head and twisting his ankle, he looked to Simon for help.  Instead of helping his brother, Simon grabbed the camera bag and ran.  Chris was barely saved by the carnivore by Eric and moments later a helicopter landed an electric net on the dinosaur and stopped it.