Circuit Breakers (S/F)

The circuit breakers control the flow of power to the whole of Jurassic Park.  They are located in the Maintanence Shed beyond the Raptor Pen across from the Visitor’s Center Compound.  They are charged by a Westinghouse SPB-100, which is used to harness the great amount of power used.  When activated, the breakers have a light in the center which reveal the various breakers.  When off, a green light glows to the left of the breakers.  It is activated by pressing the red light, which causes the rest of the display to glow red.

During the shutdown sequence, the circuit breakers were inadvertently disabled, completely shutting down the entire park’s power.  Ellie Sattler was able to restore power to the park after being led to the breakers by John Hammond and Dr. Ian Malcolm.

The circuit breaker areas are listed (from top to bottom) in this manner:

  • Herbivore Feeding Compound
  • Visitors Cntr. Compound
  • Visitors Cntr. Control Rm
  • Visitors Cntr. Tour
  • Genetics/Fertilization/Hatchery
  • Grounds
  • Grounds Surveillance System
  • Maintenance Shed & Bunker
  • Carnivore Feeding Compound
  • Velociraptor Pen Fence
  • T-Rex Paddock Fence
  • Perimeter Fence