Danny "D-Caf" Cafaro (S/F-T/G)

Danny “D-Caf” Cafaro was a helicopter pilot and mercenary who was hired by InGen to extract survivors of the Jurassic Park Incident from Isla Nublar; specifically, he was the pilot in Billy Yoder and Oscar Morales‘ team. He was injured during a near-crash in the helicopter and silently taken away by the Troodons. Later, Billy Yoder and the rest of the survivors discovered his helmet and due to the attack of the Tyrannosaurus rex soon after, Yoder assumed he was killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex. Shortly after escaping from the Velociraptors, the survivors (sans Oscar) discovered D-Caf, brain-dead and his abdomen ripped open in the Troodon nest. Dr. Gerry Harding discovered that they had laid eggs inside him.