Dilophosaurus Paddock – Isla Nublar (C/N)

Disambiguation Links: Dilophosaurus Paddock (S/F)

The Paddock is located just north of the Aviary in Jurassic Park. The Jungle River ran through the Dilophosaurus territory, as well as across the length of Isla Nublar. Grant and the kids ended up taking a river raft through the paddock and encountered a mating pair of Dilophosaurus by the waterfront. Thankfully, the mating pair were distracted when they were ambushed by the adult Tyrannosaurus. Grant and the kids kept themselves low in the river raft as they passed the pair of Dilophosaurus, hoping they didn’t see them, while the T.rex pursued them down the river, allowing Grant and the kids to escape undetected by the Dilophosaurus.